The Limm Exercise Resistance Loop Bands

Do you travel too often? Is there a shortage of space in your house to store a treadmill, exercise bike, or any other fitness equipment? You don’t need bulky fitness equipment or expensive gym subscription to stay fit and healthy. All you need is the Limm Exercise Resistance Loop Bands. This is a whole fitness package enabling you to perform various types of exercises.

The package comprises of five bands of different tensile strength (tension) and color. All the bands are of equal length (12 inches) and width (2 inches). To help users easily identify the straps of different tension strength, each band is given a unique color. The five bands that make up the package are X-Heavy-black, Heavy-red, Medium-blue, Light-green, and X-Light-yellow.

Generally, users begin with the X-Light-yellow band that has the least tensile strength. As your fitness level improves you can migrate to higher tension straps. The bands can be easily folded and stored in a small bag. Its compact size makes it an ideal fitness kit for frequent travelers.

The Best Features of the Limm Exercise Resistance Loop Bands

Durability: The Limm Exercise Resistance Loop Bands are for everyone. The fitness tool serves both beginners and advanced users alike. Most advanced users go hard on the band, even so, the bands are designed to withstand intense pull pressure and serve the user for a long time. The use of 100% high-quality natural latex is the secret of the product’s durability.

Safety: The bands are free of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), which is a mix of plastic and rubber. Not enough studies have been done on TPE and not much is known about its safety. The makers of the Limm bands have used only the best materials that are known to be safe and harmless to the skin and the body. Furthermore, the straps are easy to use, soft, safe, and comfortable. To prevent any accidents during workouts the bands are put through rigorous stretch tests.

Versatile: As we saw earlier, you get five bands with different tensile strengths. Users begin with the band that has the least resistance and with time, graduate to higher tension bands. Moreover, the long bands (12 inches in length) that can reach different parts of the body allows users to exercise every major muscle group and all key parts of the body like the stomach, hip, shoulders, back, etc. You can use the bands to do Pilates, Physiotherapy, Crossfit, Yoga, and many more exercises.

Portable: Along with the Limm Exercise Resistance Loop Bands you also receive a travel pouch to carry the straps wherever you go. You are free to consider any place as the exercise area – gym, office, park, hotel room, etc. Now, there are no excuses for missing your daily workout.

Instructions Manual and Workout Guide: The makers of the Limm Exercise Resistance Loop Bands consider our health and wellness as their ultimate goal, objective, and mission. To help us stay fit, they provide instruction manual and workout guide with several exercise routines from basic to advanced workouts.




Made of the natural, high-quality latex that’s durable, safe, and comfortable

Not ideal for professional bodybuilders

Ideal for different exercise forms like Physiotherapy, Pilates, Crossfit, Yoga, etc.

Comes with 5 bands with different colors and tension strengths

Comes with limited money back guarantee

Instruction manual, Home Workout ebook, and carry bag included



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