Argireline Review

Argireline is a chemical which prevents the formation of wrinkles. It comes under the official name of hexapeptide-3 and is often confused with Botox. Argireline is made by Lipotec, a company based in Barcelona, Spain.

What is Argireline?

Argireline is a synthetic peptide which is used in the cosmetics industry. It is often confused with botox because it is part of the SNAP-25 which is a substrate of Botox. So Argireline claims it can be a simpler alternative to Botox. Basically, you can rub it onto your skin to expect similar results.

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Lipotec has conducted a few studies on volunteers and found that Argireline reduced wrinkles around the eyes by 17% after two weeks of use. Most products today don`t come with pure Argireline and can be used in a combination with other ingredients. They work by being applied directly to the skin and then absorbed to get the results they claim. The formulation is aimed at being applied for a long period of time. This means that after applying the product to your skin you can expect a lower percentage of wrinkles. The content is rich in amino acids, which are building-blocks of protein, acts towards this goal.

Argireline concerns

There are some concerns on long-term use with Argireline. But since the product is relatively new, there is not solid evidence to back the statement. Basically, the product can work as a muscle relaxer and this is how the idea of sagging skin came into place. If all of the muscles in your face were to relax, you would have sagging skin. This theory was started by Cosmetic Cop.

How to buy it

Argireline is rarely sold in a pure form. The simplest way to buy it is to look for products which advertise the peptide in the label. There are some options for you to choose from. The recommended concentration is what sparks debate around the products. Some people recommend at least 10% concentration for Argireline products.

The best use of the product seems to be with the wrinkles around the eyes. Since the skin around the eyes is the thinnest on the face, you will be most likely to develop wrinkles in the area. This is where the soggy skin debated ends because you would not use the product on all of the face, just in the critical areas.

So who should use the product? There is no extensive research on Argireline. As the Spanish company holds the patent it also holds some of the results and studies done on female volunteers. It claims that most women saw results even after two weeks of using the product.

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If you decide to buy a product with Argireline of any concentration you should only apply it by the manufacturers` recommendation. If there is not enough information on the timing or quantities you should apply a direct inquiry to the manufacturer is the best route for most people. As with any new product, you also want to start with small, manageable, surfaces for the product.

Argireline Review
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