Take Shape for Life – A New Online Diet Guide to Help You Stay In Shape

Obesity is the primary factor for a number of dangerous health problems. It is very simple to gain weight. However, when it comes to losing unwanted body fat, you have to really sweat it out every day at the gym or at home. Most of you probably start off a weight loss program with utmost zeal and confidence. You go to the gym regularly and also follow a strict diet every day. But after a few days, you tend to lose your self-confidence. You start getting lazy and find excuses to skip your daily workout schedules. You also try to avoid your proper diet and get back to your normal self of gorging food. This is where you go wrong. If you continue your will power for a few more months, you will definitely see a positive change in your body.

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Take Shape for Life – What Is It Actually?

Most of you may have heard about Take Shape for Life. However, very few of you know what it actually is and refers to in real life. Take Shape for Life is basically an online diet guide, which helps to encourage people to adopt healthy life changing techniques on a long term basis. In other words, it is an online weight loss program. It has several features which include the Medifast 5 and 1 plan, as well as, a personal Health Coach. The primary aim of this weight loss plan is to help people lose unwanted body fat as quickly as possible and to stay away from unhealthy habits, which may give rise to obesity once again in the future.

How Does It Work?

Most of you may be thinking about the way Take Shape for Life works in order to help you get back in shape. It basically works in 3 simple steps.

  1. Step 1: A customized weight loss program, as per your body and health, will be created by a personal Health Coach, who will not be a virtual human but a real person.
  2. Step 2: The effective Medifast 5 and 1 Plan. This plan has provided positive weight loss results since the year 1980.
  3. Step 3: Even after your initial diet plan is over and you get back in shape, the Optimal Health 3 and 3 Plan, as well as, the Habits of Health System will guide you to maintain the health weight loss results for the rest of our life.

You will be given 5 Medifast approved meals to have each day. These meals are designed by experienced nutritionists and contain high nutritional values. You need to have each of these 5 meals within a time gap of 2 to 3 hours. As per experts, due to your regular intake of food, you will not feel hungry and your metabolism will also run at top speed. Since the meals prescribed by the experts are portable, you may also carry them if you are on the move.

Along with the 5 specially designed meal plans for you, there is also a Lean and Green Meal, which you need to have anytime during the day. It contains around 5 to 7 ounces of protein along with 3 servings of a special vegetable, which is low in glycemic. Once your weight reduces, you switch to the weight maintenance plan of the Take Shape for Life. This happens to be the most difficult part of any weight loss program. You have to depend on low-fat dairy products, fruits, whole grains, lean protein, vegetables, and heathy fats in order to maintain your reduced body weight.

Take Shape for Life Meals and the Different Varieties

If you take a look at the Take Shape for Life website, you will come to know that there are many different varieties of meals for you. However, none of these meals can be made at home. Thus, you will have to purchase them from the website. These meals are rich in various nutrients and are very helpful in reducing your body weight. Some of the meals and their categories have been mentioned below.

  1. BeSlim Variety Kits: There are 3 different types of kits available under this category. These are BeSlim Basic Kit, BeSlim Discoverer, and BeSlim Optimal Kit. Each kit has different types of Medifast approved meals such as bars, shakes, pancakes, and snacks.
  2. 2 Week Variety Packages: As the name suggests, these packages contain all the necessary Medifast meals you will require for a 2 week long diet plan. The meals are categorized into Medifast Favorites, Gluten-Free Favorites, On-The-Go Favorites, and Chocolate Lovers to name a few. You choose the package which suits your preference.
  3. 4 Week Variety Packages: This package is similar to the 2 week packages and contain similar meals categories in larger quantities.
  4. Weight Loss Meals: In this category you can choose individual meals from various categories such as drinks, cereal crunch, smoothies, eggs, bars, oatmeal, and pancakes.
  5. Lean and Green Meals: In this category you get choose from 4 different types of meals such as turkey meatball marina, chicken with rice and vegetables, beef stew, and chicken cacciatore. Each variety is available in a box of 6 servings.
  6. Other Products: You will also find various other products, which include snacks, books, syrups, CDs, DVDs, and supplements.
  7. Beyond Weight Loss: This category includes products which follow the 3 and 3 maintenance plan as discussed above. Products include dark chocolate dream bars, yogurt bars, cream shakes and cookies.

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If you do some research on the internet, you will come across several weight loss programs, which claim to be highly effective in helping you get back in shape. However, very few of them successfully live up to your expectations. This is why it is always a good idea to read about user reviews and then decide whether you wish to continue with a chosen weight loss program or continue the traditional way of exercising and following a proper diet. After all, it is matter of your own health.

Take Shape for Life – A New Online Diet Guide to Help You Stay In Shape
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