Cebria Review

Cebria is a nootropics supplement made to improve brain functions. Since many of the brain functions seem to slow down with age, Cebria is primarily targeting elderly people although the supplement can work or all adults.

How it works

Cebria is targeting a process which is accentuated by age. As we grow older the connections between our neurons seem to weaker and this is where the supplement comes in. The neuropeptides or connections between neurons can be strengthened by Cebria.

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But the product also addresses a popular problem for aging people. This is where short-term memory can play an important role for the elderly. Many times they seem to forget simple things like where they put the glasses or why they went into a room. This problem is more common than expected. Cebria acts to improve the production of neuropeptides.

The ingredients in Cebria

The 12 ingredients in Cebria include amino acids. These are the building blocks of protein but also play an essential role in brain development. Leucine, isoleucine and valine play an important role in how the brain functions.

Cebria contains these and other amino acids together with an undisclosed blend. The amino acids play a role in improving transitions between neurons known as GABA. The production of GABA can help with anxiety, depression and even insomnia. It seems that depression, low energy, inflammation or other brain-related conditions can be influenced by low amino acids.

The biggest problem with Cebria ingredients is not the content of amino acids which have be proven to have a wide range of health benefits. It’s the fact that the manufacturer doesn`t state the amounts for each ingredient. This is a problem. For example, other types of amino acid supplements used by bodybuilders undergo a much tougher scrutiny as they inform the users on the quantities of each amino acid and on the percentage of the daily recommended value. Such information is missing from the label of Cebria.

Another problem with the information on the label is with the Neuro Pep 12 proprietary blend. Although undisclosed by the manufacturer, there is still no solid evidence from independent testers on the safety and dosage of the blend. Since Cebria states on the label that the daily values are not established for the blend, it may represent a reason for concern. Another concern is with Cebria`s own study which is claimed to be published in a scientific journal. But the study is not found anywhere in the journal.

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So should you use the supplement? There are only two options for the answer. The first choice is to eat a balanced diet which can give you all the amino acids you need from real food sources. If you can`t manage to get these from food then you can try Cebria. Ideally, you want to make sure the results are real and not just a placebo effect. Since most of the ingredients listed on the product have been proven to improve brain functions, there might be a good reason to believe the product does work.

Cebria Review
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