InnerTeck Body Fat Scale – A Complete Full Body Analysis Scale

An ordinary weighing scale may tell you about your body weight. However, when it comes to telling you about the percentage of fat and muscles comprising the total weight, the machine will be at a total loss. This is where a full body composition scale steps in. such a scale can tell you practically everything about your body. This makes it one of the best tools for fitness enthusiasts. There are several types of such scales in the market. All of them will claim to be the best. However, when it comes to quality, it is always better to take some time and choose the best after proper comparisons and going through the list of customer reviews.

InnerTeck Body Fat Scale

If you are too serious about your overall fitness, you will certainly not like to settle for anything less than a full body composition scale. Different varieties give you different types of information about your body. However, it is always better to choose a scale which tell you everything about your body ad health. A full body composition scale such as the InnerTeck Body Fat Scale will be a better option than any other scale.


  1. The InnerTeck Body Fat Scale can practically give you a long list of data pertaining to your health and body fitness level. It can tell you about your body fat composition, BMR, water content level, body weight, BMI, visceral fat, bone mass, and muscle mass.
  2. The surface of the InnerTeck Body Fat Scale is not made of metal, which allows the scale to have a better and higher sensitivity. This also allows the scale to provide a more accurate reading than any other similar scale in the market.
  3. A total of 10 different users can easily use the same scale without the machine getting confused about who is who. It can easily store data about all the 10 users in its internal memory.
  4. Download the included free app onto your iOS or Android device and sync the scale with your mobile phone. The scale will easily transfer all the data to your phone the moment it finds it within range using Bluetooth technology.
  5. The Health app of the scale provides your data in a graphical representation and helps you understand your progress with the help of charts. This helps you understand how far you have progressed in terms of fitness goals.


  • With the help of Bluetooth technology, you can easily transfer all your health data to your smartphone from the scale.
  • The machine is elegantly designed and provides a long list of health related information the moment you step on it.
  • The large backlit LCD makes it very easy for you to see the readings.


  • Fails to connect via Bluetooth with your handheld every time.

Buying a good quality full body composition scale is important for you to get a clear idea about your actual health conditions. Such a scale is even more important if you exercise every day to lose weight.

InnerTeck Body Fat Scale – A Complete Full Body Analysis Scale
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