Best Home Gym Equipment in 2018

Young lady using fitness equipment in her home gymFor some people going to the gym is a daily routine. They enjoy the company of like-minded individuals all working to achieve similar goals. These are the guys that do not have a problem finding the time to head to the local gym or making the monthly subscriptions.

For most others however, even with the intention of getting a great physique, there is the challenge of having to balance on work, beat traffic, and find the right time. A great alternative is to make your own home gym and this involves getting the Best Home Gym Equipment.

A home gym has plenty of advantages. It helps you save time that you would otherwise have spent in traffic trying to reach the local gym. Second, it helps you save those monthly subscriptions and third, you can workout any time you feel like. You can even do so when you can’t sleep at night. Convenience is the name of the game.

Its important to keep in mind that it’s not about getting a whole lot of fancy equipment. It’s about knowing how to use the right equipment that are best suited for often smaller spaces and still allows you to work on every major muscle group in your body.

A great way to approach this would be to start off with selecting a room or space where you are going to be working out. This can boost your morale and help you in making the best choices for making progress. From there you will decide on the best home gym equipment. Here is a list of our choice of the right equipment for your home gym.


Beautiful young sportswoman with earphones and blank screen smartphone using treadmill and drinking water in gym

One of the most obvious equipment for your home gym is the treadmill. They are also one of the most popular training equipment in any gym and there is a reason for this. They are easy to use, are functional and provide you with an excellent way to work on your cardiovascular system.

There are also plenty of treadmill models out there which makes choosing the right one for your home gym a challenging affair. With the right knowledge however, it doesn’t have to be so hard. A good treadmill should have a few features.

The screen should be easy to operate.  You want an equipment that once you have used it a few times, navigating the console should be second nature. It should make common sense to control the equipment.

The shock absorption should be ideal. This means it should not be too hard and neither should it be too soft. A soft or spongy feel will likely cause knee injuries. Pick a treadmill from a reputable manufacturer and even then, try and understand why they claim their technology is best and is it based on any real concrete scientific based research.

The motor system is also another important consideration. Many people are fooled by the idea that the bigger the motor, the better. However, it often comes down to other components such as the cooling system. A smaller motor of 2.0 with a good cooling system is going to serve you better than a large one with a poor cooling system.

Rowing Machines

Woman athlete exercising on rowing machine at home

Another great tool to have that will help you work on different muscle groups while still providing excellent cardiovascular exercise is the rowing machine. like the treadmill however, different models make it difficult to decide on the right one for your needs.

There are a few tips to keep in mind when getting a rower for your home gym. First is the importance of knowing how to use It. This shouldn’t be too hard. Just watch a couple of well rated videos on YouTube and you should be ready in no time.

Second, its good to understand the different types of resistance that come with rowing machines. There are four basic types. These are air, magnetic, hydraulic piston and water. Each has its own set of pros and cons and this criteria of narrowing the options based on resistance is an excellent way to pick the right one for you.

The air rowers are fairly smooth to operate. They do make a bit of noise when the fan is rotating and it is this fan that creates the resistance. They are among the most common types of rowers. The more you row, the more the resistance and vice versa.

If you are on a budget then you should probably consider the hydraulic piston rowers. They are the cheapest around. They are also very quiet to operate and the resistance is simple to adjust. They also come with a compact build and can save on plenty of space.

Magnetic rowers are a durable kind with smooth and quiet in operation thanks to the magnetic technology. You can adjust the resistance though they are not as powerful as both the air and water rowers. They however can still provide decent intensity.

Water rowers are among the most expensive. They mimic the rowing motion best with a puddle splashing through the water motion. This creates some noise which some may find quite tranquil. The resistance is determined by the level of rowing intensity.

Elliptical Machines

People exercising on a cardio training machines in a home gym

Elliptical machines are a low impact training equipment which means that they exert less pressure on your joints. This makes them ideal for people who are undergoing therapy for various kinds of muscle and joint injuries.

Ellipticals combine stair climbing, skiing and running in one seamless motion and are a great way to work on your cardiovascular system. They are not big equipment which allows you to save on space and are simple to use. These features are what make them among the best home gym equipment out there.

There are a few more features that should come with a good elliptical machine. One of such is an adjustable incline. This allows you to focus on different muscle groups for overall fitness as well as to help eliminate the monotony of doing the same type of exercise.

It should also provide a smooth motion and be able to imitate natural walking or running. The best way to determine this is to get on an elliptical and feel the motion. Avoid one that creates a kick when the heel is off the pedal.

Exercise Bikes

Young people talking and smiling while working out on an exercise bike in their home gym facility

Another type of training equipment that is essential to your home gym is an exercise bike. It is especially useful when working on your lower body. The best bikes should be comfortable to use. The seat should not squeak and it should come with adjustable features to help get the best position and resistance. The console should be simple to operate as well.

There are three types of exercise bikes that you can choose for your home gym. They include spinning bikes, upright bikes and recumbent bikes. Each has its own set of advantages as well as disadvantages.

There are plenty of benefits of adding exercise bikes to your list of the best home gym equipment. You are able to control your weight. A mere 30 minutes with moderate speeds is enough to help you burn 300 calories. They are also easy on the joints and an in case you sustain an injury, you will still be able to workout with moderate resistance levels.

Universal Home Gym Systems

man working out with his universal home gym system

This is a machine that comes with many advantages. If you want more value for your money and you need to utilize on space while being able to work on almost every muscle group there is on the human body, then you should consider getting a home gym.

Picking one, just like picking any other type of equipment requires sound knowledge. You need to be able to select the right equipment to suit your needs keeping in mind that a home gym is among the most expensive equipment in our list.

The best home gym should allow you to be able to perform certain workouts. These include flys and chest press for your chest, raises and shoulder press for the shoulders, working on the triceps and biceps on your arms, doing leg extensions and curls, doing rows and lat pulldowns for your back and finally performing resistance crunches for your abs.

The factors that one should consider when buying a home gym system include firstly determining your budget and getting the right equipment that matches. Note that the more expensive the home gym system, the higher the quality.

Adjustability is an important feature to consider. While some equipment are universal, they could prove a bit of a challenge for someone who is either too tall or too short. For the most comfortable position of sitting and operating, the equipment should be easy to adjust.

The bench should also allow for incline. This is especially useful when working on your chest as you can choose between the upper chest and lower chest workouts. The machine should also be able to provide the required resistance to help you progress in your training.

Size is another factor. At the end of the day you are looking for an equipment that helps to save on space as most people have limited space in their homes. A compact home gym system is your best bet but be careful not to compromise on quality and features.

Ease of assembly. This is not always a serious issue as often when you buy from a retail store, the equipment will be delivered by service people who will perform the assembly for you. However, if you are buying online, ensure that the equipment is not too complicated to assemble and comes with a user manual that is simple to read.


woman lifting some essential home gym equipment

Like we saw, one of the features of a home gym is saving on space. When choosing the best weights for the home gym, one of the best space saving equipment are dumbbells. Adjustable dumbbells to be precise.

These allow you to gradually increase the resistance by adding more weight. They also come with economic benefits as you will not have to buy extra weights when you want to graduate to the next level of strength training. What’s more, they are highly affordable.

When buying the best adjustable dumbbells, one of the things to look out for is a comfortable grip. The lack of it will result in a lack of motivation which slows down your progress. Comfortable non-slip grip will also prevent you from dropping the weights when your hands become sweaty and possibly injuring yourself.

Durability is a feature that should be given priority. Adjustable dumbbells made of plastic are obviously less durable than those made from cast iron and steel. You need equipment that will last long enough to see you reach your fitness goals.

The amount of weight increments is important. If you are just starting out in your training, you need dumbbells that provide small increments of 2 ½ pounds. These will help your muscles get used to the stress of weights better. On the other hand, if you are more experienced and are interested in bulking up, you need something larger such as 5-pound weight increments.

When shopping for the best Home Gym Equipment, research is paramount. Learn what qualities to look for and read customer reviews. These will provide you with insight on how your selected model performs. While keeping your budget in mind, also note that better quality equipment often come with a higher price tag.

Best Home Gym Equipment 2018
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