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Working out sincerely every day at the gym or at home is one side of the coin to attain a great physique. You also have to eat proper foods and health supplements. The market is practically flooded with such products. Similarly, there are many manufacturers of health supplements, as well. Although a wide variety of health foods gives you something to choose from, it can also get quite confusing at times.  So, we decided to do a full ONNIT Review of their fitness equipment and supplements and be sure to click one of the links in this article to get the ONNIT COUPON CODE.

A Bit about Onnit and Its Products

If you have been in the fitness world for a long time, you must have heard about Onnit health supplements and fitness equipment. The company is especially dedicated at providing products to help the customers go up the ladder in whatever they do in life. The rapid success of their health foods and other products is primarily based upon their use of best in class ingredients and latest technology and science. Onnit also gets time to time assistance from some of the best athletes in the entire planet and also some of the best minds behind the ever progressing technology. The company is completely dedicated at providing some of the best workout equipment, health supplements, and organic foods to its customers. The primary motive of the company is to help people lead a happy and healthy life, which Onnit has also termed as Total Human Optimization.

Total Human Optimization – Understand the Term

It is a known fact that the human body is the most complex machine in the whole world. However, since it is termed as a machine, naturally it would operate at its best when provided with some of the best fuels on a daily basis. It is important for you to know and understand that your brain consumes a large chunk of the fuel you take in every day. If properly calculated this percentage comes up to somewhere around 20% of the entire daily fuel. With the help of the health supplements and foods manufacturers by Onnit, you can easily prepare your body and mind to meet up with the daily expectations and surprises of life.

The Beginning of Onnit

Audrey Marcus is the mind behind Onnit. He started the company in the year 2010 with the main aim of coming up with health food and supplements made from certain special combinations. It was in the year 2011 that the company came up with its first popular brand known as Alpha BRAIN. The product marked the beginning of a successful journey of Onnit. Since then, the company has come up with several reputed supplements to help people enhance their daily performances in life. The success of Onnit is not just limited to health supplements. The company also manufacturers several pieces of fitness equipment for people to use during their daily workout routines. In other words, it can be said that Onnit does a lot to help people improve their mind and health conditions.

The CEO of Onnit – Audrey Marcus

The founder and CEO of Onnit, Audrey Marcus, did his graduation from the University of Richmond in classic civilization and philosophy. Although his education played very little role in the establishment of his company, it did not bother him one bit. Although his ultimate dream was to enhance human performances and boost the overall health conditions of people, he started off with a marketing company after finishing his college. He ran the marketing company for 7 years.

He has his own podcast known as the Total Human Optimization, which he hosts himself. He gave rise to a special project aimed at boosting human happiness and consciousness. He named it as the Warrior Poet Project. This is not the end of this highly active CEO. He often appears in various radio shows as a guest and has also appeared in the Joe Rogan Experience show and Jason Ellis show.

A Little Bit about Some of the Popular Brands of Onnit

Total Primate Care

If you wish to lead a healthy life without getting tired at regular intervals, then you require a specific amount of protein in your everyday diet. Many of you often ignore the need or proteins and a result of this you often feel fatigued while working. The best solution is to opt for Total Primate Care. This product from Onnit is loaded with protein to help you get the necessary energy in order to feel energized all the time. Here are some of the benefits of the supplement.

  • The protein in the supplement helps boost the overall immune system of your body so that it can easily fight against various types of diseases and keep you active all the time.
  • The product also helps a lot in improving the brain functions so that you can do your work properly and without any lag in concentration.
  • Shortage of protein may also result in rapid mood swings. Total Primate Care helps to enhance your mood and gets rid of mood swings.
  • Regular intake of protein will also help to take good care of your joints and bones.
  • The best part of the supplement is the ingredients. Everything is natural in the product and there is no sign of anything artificial to harm your health.

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T+ Total Strength and Performance

After a certain stage in life you may feel that your body strength is getting lower with time. This may affect your day to day activities and you may end up getting tired faster than normal. Try Onnit’s T+ Total Strength and Performance supplement. There are several ways you can benefit from this product.

  • If you consume T+ Total Strength and Performance supplement regularly, you will feel that your overall physical strength has returned. In fact, you will much stronger and fitter than ever before.
  • Athletes need strength in order to perform better in any competition. This product from the house of Onnit is one of the best solutions for any athlete to enhance their performance levels and also feel stronger.
  • You will feel more powerful and you will have a better chance of living for several more years than normal.
  • T+ Total Strength and Performance is free from GMO and any type of stimulant.
  • The best part of the product is its ability to help your body muscles recover faster after any injury. This makes the supplement very popular amongst fitness freaks and people associated with sports.

Hemp FORCE Choco Maca

If you are looking for a protein powder for daily consumption then Hemp FORCE Choco Maca is a good supplement. The taste of the powder is great and the results of the supplement is also phenomenal. There are several other ways you can gain from this powder.

  • Many protein powders in the market do not taste pleasing at all. As a result of this, many people do not prefer to consume these powders on a daily basis. However, the taste of Hemp FORCE Choco Maca is different and quite pleasing to your taste buds.
  • This supplement from Onnit is filled with antioxidants, which is very beneficial to your health.
  • Another benefit of the supplement is its ability to balance all your hormones in order to help improve your overall health conditions.

Onnit Alpha BRAIN

Onnit Alpha Brain ReviewThis is the product which skyrocketed the popularity of the company. This supplement is primarily aimed at improving the overall condition of human brain and take it to an all new level. Here are some of the reasons behind the rising popularity of the product in the market.

  • The Onnit Alpha BRAIN goes a great distance in improving your focus. There are many people who find it quite challenging to focus on a definite topic for a long duration of time. All you need to do is consume this supplement every day and you will notice a visible improvement in your concentration level.
  • Learning new things or lessons in life and memorizing stuff is almost impossible for many people. This gets even more challenging as you grow older. You must have seen older people forgetting things very easily and within seconds. Try this supplement from Onnit on a daily basis and you will feel happy with the improvement in your ability to remember things and also learning new things in life.
  • Insomnia is one of the major enemies for many people. You will often find people staying wide awake at night. Even if they try very hard to get some hours of sleep, they fail miserably. Unable to sleep for several days at a stretch can often lead to several other health ailments. This brain supplement helps a lot in overcoming insomnia and allow you to sleep peacefully at night.

Other Products Manufactured By Onnit

  • Foods

Food products sold by Onnit are made from all natural ingredients and are especially aimed at improving the overall health conditions and also boosting the day to day performances. These products can easily be included in your daily diet plans and will prove to be quite pleasing to your taste buds. Some of these food products are mentioned below.

  1. Warrior Bar: This specially made food product is made from buffalo meat and also has cranberries and pepper blend. It is completely gluten free and has no antibiotics. The product has 4 grams of fat and 140 calories per 2 ounce of serving. It is ideal for runners, triathletes, and climbers.
  2. Onnit Coffee: Made from true Antigua Guatemala coffee grown in volcanic soil, provides a chocolatey taste with a hint of fruity notes. The smooth buttery flavor will flow through your mouth and leave a wonderful taste behind.
  3. Hex Deco Bamboo T-Shirt: This garment is made from organically grown cotton and bamboo. The blend of the two is ideal to give you a wonderful feel on your body once you wear the t-shirt.
  4. 10th Planet Geo Cloud Short: This product is made from a fine blend of spandex and polyester. The garment is made in such a manner that it provides the right amount of flexibility to the wearer and also dries out faster than normal.
  5. Battle Ropes: These ropes are made from polypropylene and do not leave behind trails of fibers when in use. These ropes are also shed, weather, and water proof. These products come with specially tied ends with vinyl tapes in order to provide you with a better grip. These are also available in a variety of colors and lengths.
  6. Clubs: The clubs made by Onnit are of superior quality and ideal to boost your fitness levels. These clubs were mainly developed in Persia for wrestlers and soldiers to workout. The primary benefit of these clubs is to enhance your rotational core power, grip strength, and shoulder work. Onnit clubs range from 2 pounds to 45 pounds in weight.
  7. Onnit Zen Spice Castile Body Wash: This product is made from coconut oil and has more hydrating power than any ordinary soap. This body wash has only essential oils and you will find no sign of artificial colors or chemical fragrances. It is completely vegetarian and is completely safe for camping.
  8. Defense Soap: This product is capable enough to kill all types of bacteria and other microbes on your skin. It made from Tea Tree and Eucalyptus. The lather of the soap is quite rich and leave your refreshed and re-energized. This soap is important for athletes, who have to perform on rough terrains and have to come in close contact with other athletes.

There are several other products made by Onnit. All of their products are free from chemicals and are made from organic things. If you are planning to purchase one of their products for your personal use. You can shop from their own website where you can get a wide range of their products. Wear their t-shirts or workout with their fitness equipment or even have their naturally made food products and supplements. The CEO of Onnit and the company itself is completely dedicated to providing the best for their customers and also ensures that their products make their customers happy in all possible ways.



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