DrenchFit: Scholarship for Outstanding Health & Fitness Innovation

With over 11 years experience in the health and fitness industry, Drench Health and Fitness prides itself on providing cutting edge reviews, guides and tips for people looking to lead a healthier lifestyle.  From our take on the Garcinia Cambogia and Apple Cider Vinegar diet to our list for the Best Rowing Machine, we help customers find their best path to fitness and a healthy life.

We are always striving to improve and stay on top of the the latest trends in the health and fitness space.

We understand that in order to continue to provide the best information for many years to come we need to rely on the upcoming younger generations and we are happy to invest in the future of those bright young stars.

Our $1,100 scholarship is our way of giving back to society and ensuring our future generations have the proper education to excel not only in business but in life as well.

The DrenchFit Scholarship for Outstanding Health and Fitness Innovation

Our $1,100 scholarship will be awarded to a single individual who can meet the requirements set out below as well as display their innovative ideas in the health and fitness industry.

Hard work, dedication and innovation are the key principles to success in life and business.  So, we would love to reward individuals who can showcase these principles.

Scholarship Terms and Conditions

The DrenchFit Scholarship is a scholarship program that is dedicated to providing financial assistance in terms of scholarship money to students who can display their ingenuity in health and fitness programs and research.


  • three to five minute video showcasing your achievements in health and fitness, business and/or community service
  • 1,000 words or more essay on any health and fitness topic.  Be innovative and cutting edge.  Will be judge on your ability to research and come up with new tactics and programs.  Must be original and the essay will be showcased on the DrenchFit.com website.


In order to be eligible for the DrenchFit Scholarship for Outstanding Health and Fitness Innovation you must be a student in the US or Canada and currently enrolled in high school, trade school, college or university.

Application Process:

  • Create a video that is less than 5 minutes
  • Upload video to Youtube titled – DrenchFit.com Scholarship for Health and Fitness Innovation
  • Please make sure you include a link to this page in the description part of the youtube video
  • Please email the active YouTube URL link to contact@drenchfit.com with the following information:
    • Name, Phone Number, Mailing Address and Email Address
    • Name of School or University you are enrolled in and the proof of enrollment or acceptance
    • The area of study you are pursuing
  • Also, include your 1,000+ word essay as an attachment in the email in Word or PDF format.

Once your application is submitted, you agree to give Drench Health and Fitness permission to use your video and essay for marketing and promotional purposes.


The YouTube video and essay must be submitted by June 15, 2018

Selection of the winner will be completed by July 15, 2018 and winner must claim their winning prize within two (2) weeks after being contacted.

New scholarship programs will happen on an annual basis