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Treadmill Review and Ultimate Buying Guide

Treadmills are popular cardio fitness equipments for both home and gym use. They come in different models including Weslo Cadence G 5.9, SOLE F80, and the Lifespan TR 1200i.

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Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 treadmill is specially made for intensity training and weight loss. This budget-friendly treadmill is perfect for beginner to running, jogging, or walking. It comes with amazing features that will keep you interested in running and you cannot find these features on an entry-level treadmill.

The programmed workouts on the console and heart rate monitoring are the best two features of this treadmill. Heart rate monitoring is perfect and excellent for improving your fitness. Because Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill offers this option, it is certain that you will get a serious workout. Without mincing words, this treadmill is an excellent value for your hard earned money.

SOLE F80 Folding Treadmill

SOLE F80 Folding Treadmill is a high end and premium machine that claims the title for best treadmill in its price range. It features 15 program profiles that center on interval training; simulate hill training, strength training, cardio health and fat burning. Furthermore, it has MP3 compatibility and a chest strap heart rate monitor.

The quality features that you get for the price is what makes this treadmill great and set it apart. It has a gigantic 22-inch x 60-inch running surface motorized by a big 3.5 CHP motor and 2.75-inch high-end rollers. It also has a double woven 2-ply belt above a middle PVC layer together with a nylon backing to give a smooth, long-lasting surface free from stretching.

On the other hand, the deck is planned to take up to 40 percent of your impact to offer a comfortable and pain-free workout. Lastly, the Easy Assist Folding Deck design mostly unfolds itself and locks in place as soon as it is folded.

LifeSpan TR 1200i Treadmill

With overall features and quality, this is a great complete treadmill with varieties of exceptional features. Beginning with the design, LifeSpan TR 1200i treadmill comes with a 2.5 CHP motor that will permit running speeds up to 11 mph. The 20-inch x 56-inch will accommodate nearly all the runners, the 2.5-inch front rollers and 2-inch rear rollers will give quiet and smooth and performance while the 2-ply belt will last for many years. With this treadmill, it is possible for you to adjust your workout intensity as it gives up to 15 percent incline.

Other features of LifeSpan are the Intelli-Guard safety and Patented Intelli-Step features. Lastly, LifeSpan provided TR1200i Treadmill that comes with not less than 17 planned workouts in addition to a complete link to the LifeSpan Club with the buy. The bottom line is that you will have the ability to track your improvements from a workout to another and have a lot of exercise with these features.

Benefits of a Treadmill

Burns Calorie Effectively – You will shed a lot of weight in no time with certain workouts designed for that purpose. Exercises such as high intensity interval training and interval training are a great choice for calorie burning. In addition, the best exercise for calorie burning is running.
Ensures Excellent Cardio Workout – Nothing can be compared with running and make use of a treadmill to get the heart rate up for an intense cardio workout. Moreover, running at a slower rate for a very long period of time is also fantastic at cardio workout for building endurance.

  • Alleviates Joint Pains – A number of runners feel joint pain or body injury in their life. These pains can be alleviated by running on a treadmill. It has less impact than running on concrete or pavement.
  • Your Workouts are not controlled or affected by weather
  • One time purchase of a treadmill saves money, unlike ongoing visits to gym
  • It is economical as all your family members can use it. Your friends can also share this fitness equipment with you
  • Different workout options
  • Alleviates the problem of going to the gym, waiting to use fitness equipment, or even having time limits imposed on your cardio workouts
  • Maintains a healthy heart
  • Builds stronger muscles
  • Improves your mental focus and concentration
  • Superb for tracking your training progress
  • Improves your lung capacity
  • Improves your overall emotional wellbeing – exercising with treadmill contributes to mental health

Key things to Look for when Buying a Treadmill

Discussed here are some key things you must look for, when you are buying a treadmill to make sure that you are buying quality treadmill that meets your preferences and needs.

Motor control

This is the first and most vital thing to consider when buying a treadmill. To ensure that you get great workouts always and a long life from out of your treadmill, it is significant that you opt for the correct exercise machine with the right type of motor.

Top fitness professionals suggested that people investing in this machine for the first time should buy a treadmill with at least 1.5 horsepower for a continuous duty motor. However, choose the machine with a 2.5 to 3.0 horsepower, if you plan on running on the treadmill frequently.

Suitable Cushioning

Decide on a treadmill with a running bed that can suitably absorb shock. Moreover, ensure that the bed and belt will not move around every time your foot strikes it.

The Size of the Belt

Fitness professionals recommended that the belt of your treadmill must be at least 48 inches long and 16 inches wide.


The treadmill you will buy must be stable and sturdy. In other words, it should not shake when you walk or run on it. Furthermore, its frame should remain stable always.

Control Panel

The control panel should be easily accessible or easy to reach. Opt for simple and easy to use treadmill also.

Correct Incline

Your treadmill should come with an incline that can go up to 10 percent, for a safer and more efficient workout.


Ask yourself how much space you have to accommodate your new machine. However, make sure you have sufficient space to mount the equipment. Ensuring that you have enough space will prevent you from breaking other furnishing and lessen your chance of injury.


Once you have a budget at mind, you wouldn’t have to worry about being lured into buying a treadmill that your budget cannot accommodate. It will also help in deciding the store you will go to. There are different prices for different treadmills. Look for the machine that falls in your budget range.


This is essential if you have limited space available. Where will you store your machine when it is not in use? You need to consider a folding treadmill you can easily fold and rolled into a store, if you don’t have much space available. However, consider the weight of such treadmill and the type of flooring you have for your exercise machine.

When you choose a storage area, measure it and go out with the measurement to where you will buy the machine. Measure the treadmill size and compare it with measurement of the storage space you have. You can be sure that it will match the space.

Is the Treadmill for Walking or Running?

Walking or running on a treadmill puts divergent demands on the treadmill. You put more pressure on the belt of a treadmill than when you run. This is because when you walk, your feet are on the belt more and this makes the motor of your treadmill work harder. Consequently, look at the continuous duty rating for the motor when shopping for a treadmill. Make sure this figure falls anywhere between 1.5 to 2.5 horsepower.
However, you must make sure that the length of the running deck of the treadmill is long enough to accommodate your running stride, if you are planning to use the machine mostly for running.

How to Use a Treadmill

  • Begin Slowly – A good number of the available treadmills comes with safety features that stop them from starting out at very high speeds, but never take chances. Start slowly by placing one foot on either side of the belt as you put the machine on, and mount on the belt after you must have determined that it is moving at the slow set-up speed, normally between 1 and 2 miles per hour.
  • Concentrate and Look Ahead – If you center on what is in your front, you will always walk straight ahead rather than swerving off to the side. Do not turn around to answer when someone calls your name, when you are in the middle of the treadmill.
  • Do not Depend on the Handrails – It is okay to hold on for balance as you are learning how to use the exercise machine. However, let go once you are comfortable. If you swing your arms freely, you move more naturally.
  • Don’t rely on the handrails – Holding on for balance when you learn how to use the machine is okay, but let go as soon as you feel comfortable. You move more naturally if you swing your arms freely. If you hold onto the front rails and lean back, it means that you are working at a very high level, which is bad for the machine and your elbows. Moreover, you are burning extremely fewer calories than expected. Nevertheless, hold the handrails lightly in order to feel steady and safe, if you have balance problems.
  • Never go without putting on shoes – Avoid going for workout barefooted. Whenever you are going for your treadmill workout, always wear a good pair of walking or running shoes.
  • Avoid reading on the treadmill – If you read while you are on a treadmill, you may lose your balance and stumble off the side or back.
  • No use of phone while on treadmill
  • Supervise children closely around treadmills
  • Slow your treadmill down gradually if you want to get down

How to Maintain a Treadmill

You need to maintain your treadmill to a particular level, in order to keep it running smoothly, get the most out of its functions and enjoy it for a long time. The cleanliness of this exercise machine and the condition of belt are the two vital things to consider. Lubricating the conveyor belt and keeping it free of dust are essential maintenance tips for any type of treadmill.

It is always suggested by fitness equipment manufacturers to carry out a yearly maintenance by a qualified technician elongate the life of the machine. Nevertheless, there are a few tips to help you maintain your fitness equipment and keep it in good condition.

  • Examine Your Treadmill on a regular basis before each workout to prevent serious accidents
  • Clean your fitness machine immediately after each use by wiping down your sweat from the machine. Liquid can make your machine rust after some time, and this can hold back the funtionality and aesthetics of your equipment. You can do this cleaning with a slightly moist rag or dry towel. The handrails, frame and console are the areas that requires attention.
  • Clean the deck as it is one of the costliest parts of the machine. Some decks needs waxing. Depending on the model of your treadmill, wax should be applied automatically from an internal reservoir or by the user. Make sure you keep the internal reservoir of your machine full at all times, if it has one on the other hand, ensure that the surface of the deck is clean from dirt.
  • Remove the dirt below the treadmill regularly with a vacuum with extender wand. It will remove the debris and dust from below your treadmill. You can fold up the machine in its storage position for easier access and cleaning.
  • Lubricate the belt with the special lubricating oil if your model requires it.
  • Regulate or set the tension of the belt if the running belt is loose and wants to slip under your feet. Check the tension of the running belt on a regular basis as well.
  • Always remember to disconnect the machine from power before cleaning it to eliminate the risk of electrical shock. Make sure you confirm that the power cord is unplugged before carrying out any kind of maintenance on your treadmill. Carry out routine maintenance and check the motor every month and get rid of dust particles that may have accumulated on it.


Treadmill is one of the fitness exercise machines that most fitness enthusiasts own and use regularly today. Working out on a regular basis on a treadmill can help you build muscles, stay fit and lose weight. Treadmill can as well protect you from the negative effects of age-related health conditions like heart diseases and diabetes. Most of the available studies have also discovered that working out on a treadmill frequently can help alleviate insomnia and depression

Invest in this fitness machine for your personal use today and enjoy the benefits of working out on a treadmill on a regular basis without having to spend time and effort to go to the gym. You can work out anytime you like and won’t lose time in driving to gym with treadmill in the comfort of your home. The treadmill review and ultimate buying guide above will help you buy quality treadmill that meets your requirements.

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