Buying a home gym system is one of the best options to get the best workout at your home. Among the top selling home gym machine, Bowflex is set to be among them for years to come. Bowflex home gym exercise machine is used for building muscle and strength. Most exercises that are done on any gym machine can also be done on any Bowflex gym machine. One of the advantage Bowflex is that it can be stored in almost any place in your house and it has its prices range from about $400 to about $3000 depending on the model you want to buy and the features you want it to have.  How much is a Bowflex?  It varies greatly on the model you choose.  We will go through all the models and options below so you can make an educated decision which model will be best for you and  your budget.

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

Bowflex PR1000There are different models of Bowflex home gym machines which include; Bowflex PR1000 home gym, the PR1000 home gym is the cheapest among the models of Bowflex home gym, over 30 exercise possibilities can be carried out on PR1000. It has a range of weight resistance between 5 pounds to around 210 pounds of resistance if all the 5 rods are connected to the machine. PR1000 has a dimension of 38 inches in width, 84 inches in length and 81 inches in height. It has a rowing option and about 30+ different forms of exercises. There is also a year warranty on the frame, 5 years warranty on the rods and 60 days warranty on any broken part.

Key Features:

  • Includes bar for row machine
  • 5 to 210 lbs of resistance
  • More than 30 exercises for strength training
  • Bench (horizontal) and Lat Pull Down

Bowflex PR1000 Exercises

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

Bowflex Blaze Home GymAnother model of Bowflex home gym is Bowflex Blaze Home Gym. There is just a slight different between PR1000 and Blaze home gym, blaze does everything that PR1000 can do and also have the ability to upgrade to 310 or 410 pounds kit which PR1000 cannot. Blaze home gym has a dimension of 38 inches in width, 90 inches in length and 83 inches in height. Unlike PR1000, there are about 66+ different exercises that you can do on blaze home gym and it also includes lat pull down bar and leg extension attachment. Bowflex Blaze Home Gym also as a warranty of a year on frame, 5 years on road and 60 days on parts.

  • Over 60 Exercises touching all the major muscles
  • Work your lower body as well as upper body
  • Up To 410 lbs of resistance (get the extra Power Rod attachments here)

Bowflex Power Rods

Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym

Bowflex PR3000 Home GymBowflex PR3000 Home Gym is another model of Bowflex home gym, Pr3000 has a vertical bench which is absent in Blaze home gym. The leg attachment on the Bowflex 3000 is better than that of blaze and Pr1000. Like Bowflex blaze home gym, Pr3000 home gym can also be upgraded to 310 pounds kit but cannot be upgraded to 410 pounds kit. Pr3000 has a dimension of 78 inches in width, 96 inches in length and 83 inches in height. Bowflex PR3000 does not have a rowing option but it has a warranty slightly different from Pr1000 and Blaze model. Its warranty covers a year on frame, 60 days on parts and 7 years on power rods.

  • workout the entire body – no need to change the cables in-between your sets
  • five to 210 lbs of weight resistance
  • over 50 exercises for strength – bench (vertical)
  • work the legs with extension and ankle attachments

Bowflex 3000

Bowflex Revolution

What is the bowflex RevolutionBowflex Revolution Home Gym is also an extraordinary model of Bowflex home gym and considered by us as the “cats meow” of the options available. What is the Bowflex Revoltion?  It is the most expensive and has a Spiraflex resistance of 220 pounds. The unit of the Spiraflex plates can be upgraded to 300 lbs for upper body strength and up to 600 lbs for leg exercises. Revolution has about 100+ different exercises that can be performed on it. It has a dimension of 120 inches in length, 84 inches in width and 83 inches in height. It has a warranty of 10 years and it is the longest among Bowflex home gyms. Another great feature of Bowflex Revolution home gym is that it has moving arms which can be adjusted to ten different positions and to about 170 degrees. It can be folded up to keep it neat, small and can use a small space for storage.

  • Smoother and more even feel when using
  • Easily move from workout to workout
  • Spiraflex Technology

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym


Bowflex XtremeBowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym is also expensive, Bowflex Xtreme 2SE comes with standard 210 lbs power rod resistance which can be upgraded to 310 or 410 lbs. The system has a unique cable system which you don’t have to change to switch to another exercise and it has an adjustable pulley which allows you to change resistance angle for more effective exercise. You can build shoulder and back muscle very fast with the integrated lat tower with angled lat bar and you can also use leg extension to develop muscular and strong legs. Bowflex xtreme 2se home gym is a fitness machine with rowing option.

With the help of Bowflex xtreme 2se home gym, there is numerous types of exercises that can be done in your house. In total, more than 70 exercises can be accomplished. This includes 18 back, 24 arms, 16 shoulders, 12 legs, 3 abdominal exercises, and 6 chest. As mentioned, leg extension helps you develop strong and muscular legs, the ab crunch shoulder harness allows you to get a six-pack.

Bowflex Xtreme 2se Home Gym Comfort

Bowflex 2se home gym has a very comfortable seat which is adjustable and has lots of padding. It also has knee and back support which all support comfortable workout practice especially when leg and lat exercises are being performed.

Bowflex Xtreme 2se Home Gym Multiple Grip options

Bowflex xtreme has multiple grip option than other models of Bowflex home gym. It has the non-grip cuff, regular grip, shoulder cuff, ankle, and foot cuff. These makes it more okay than other models because it serves as a new element for leg exercises which is absent in other models.

Bowflex Xtreme 2se Home Gym Dimension and Warranty

It has the dimensions of length (96 inches), width (78 inches) and height (83 inches). It has a warranty of a year on frame, 60 days warranty on parts and a life-time warranty on power rods.

Bowflex Xtreme Review


We talked a lot above about the different things you can add to your Home Gyms to make them fit your needs better.  We thought we would make it convenient and revisit those with direct links to purchase them.  Find them below

Final Thoughts

If you want to lose weight, this can be easily achieved by using a Bowflex Home Gym Machine, it is a good source of resistance training to complement daily cardio exercises as body calories are burnt down when performing exercises. Bowflex can also be used by people who aim in achieving a general level of muscular fitness and it is safe and easy to use with lots of exercises available to carry out on it.  Not to mention many different price points which are sure to fall within your budget.

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