Go For a Total Body Workout with the Goplus Air Resistance Elliptical Bike

When you exercise, always make sure that you target your entire body. If you concentrate on one specific part of your body every day, other parts may not develop at a similar pace. It is also true that a full body workout is best when you wish to lose weight and get back in shape. In order to go for a full body workout, you need not join a gym. You may easily do so from the comfort of your home or office cabin. All you need is a good quality workout machine, which can provide a complete body workout without straining your muscles.

Goplus Air Resistance Elliptical Bike

There are several types of exercise machines in the market, which are designed to provide a full body workout. These may include a rowing machine and an elliptical trainer. There are many of you who prefer to use an indoor exercise bike during your leisure time at home. How would you feel if you were given an exercise machine which was a combination of an elliptical trainer and an indoor exercise bike? One of the best products in this category is the Goplus Air Resistance Elliptical Bike. It comes at a very affordable price and also has several features, which will help you enjoy your workout sessions.


  1. The saddle of the Goplus Air Resistance Elliptical Bike is very comfortable due to the presence of proper foam padding. The seat can also be adjusted to move up and down to help users of different heights exercise on the same bike properly.
  2. The Goplus Air Resistance Elliptical Bike comes with 8 different levels of resistance, which can easily be altered by turning the tension knob. Whenever you feel like going for a challenging exercise session, you can simply increase the tension on the bike.
  3. The entire frame of the Goplus Air Resistance Elliptical Bike is quite durable and the handlebars also come with rubberized grips to provide proper security while exercising at top speeds.
  4. There is a digital monitor on the bike which display various data about your workout session such as total calories burned, speed at which you pedal, and time spent on the machine.
  5. Due to the combination of elliptical trainer and exercise bike, this product provides perfect workout for your entire body such as your arms, back, and legs. It is perfect for those of you trying to lose weight.


  • Unlike other indoor exercise bikes, the Goplus Air Resistance Elliptical Bike provides a full body workout due to the combination of a cycle and an elliptical trainer.
  • Can be used at home and also in your office cabin in between working hours.


  • The cycle tends to shake when you work out at top speeds if you place it on a hard surface. However, it is better off on a carpet surface.
  • It does not come with transportation wheels.
  • The seat cannot be adjusted forward and backward, which may be a limitation for thin or fat users.
Go For a Total Body Workout with the Goplus Air Resistance Elliptical Bike
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