How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has many health, beauty and household benefits. It comes as a unique and versatile product which is needed at some point around your home. You can buy apple cider vinegar from your local supermarket but you can also learn to make it yourself. This way you`ll better understand how the product is born and you will also have a healthier alternative to the products you can buy from shops.

Choose the right apples

Everything starts with choosing the right apples. You can choose the same type of apple for your whole recipe but you can even use a mixture for more complex vinegar. You can use a base of sweet apples which will ensure the taste will be pleasant for most people. But with sweet apples you can also add bitter apples or sharp tasting apples which will give the taste a more complex taste and a mix of specific enzymes.

The Preparation

The process itself is quite straightforward. Once you have your apples of choice you need to chop them into fine pieces. The pieces can then be placed into a glass container like a jar instead of a classic pot. You want to keep the mix as clean as possible. You than add a gallon of water so that half of the container is now full. You can now stir the mixture and add organic honey.

To prepare for the fermentation process you can add a piece of clean cloth to the jar or container and secure it with a band leaving it to ferment for up to a few weeks while mixing it daily. The process of fermentation will see the sugar from the apples turn into alcohol with the specific smell which comes with it. After 5-6 weeks the alcohol will turn into acetic acid.

The whole process can be controlled by tasting the vinegar. If the taste is not what you’d like it to be you can leave it for another week of fermentation. If the taste is too strong you can add more water to dilute it. At some point a raw mother culture will form at the top of the jar. This is normal as the vinegar doesn’t go bad. You can filter the culture and repeat the process.

So what do you do with your home-made apple cider vinegar? You can use it to clean the house cheaply and effectively. You can safely clean the bathroom as the vinegar is not harmful to the skin. It can actually clean the skin and fight acne. If you want to drink the vinegar for stomach issues you should mix it with water and not drink it directly. There are also other uses to vinegar which can involve teeth whitening. You would use the liquid in the same way, by mixing it with water and using it as a mouth wash. Making your own organic apple cider vinegar is not complicate and only requires a few weeks of patience.

How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar At Home
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