Discipline, commitment, and consistency are essential in achieving your fitness goals and the perfectly fit and healthy body that you’ve been aiming for. And to increase the efficiency of the time and effort you put into your workout, you’ll need to invest wisely in purchasing any fitness equipment to aid you in your journey to fitness. By wisely, we mean spending for something like the Precor EFX 225 that’s worthy of your money and will deliver on its promises in terms of quality, durability, capacity, sophistication, convenience, and ease of use.

Pull Up Bars

Known for its fitness machines that meet high quality standards of the industry and the market, Precor has become a trusted name in the fitness world especially for its elliptical fitness crosstrainers. Outfitted with a harmonious mix of excellent construction design, sophisticated technology, high-capacity functions and easy to use features, your fitness dreams and goals are not far from being realized.

Its moving and fixed handlebars are one of EFX 225’s best features as it allows users to do either a full-body workout, which trains and tones both the upper and lower body muscle groups, or one that focuses only on the lower body. It’s also outfitted with adjustable CrossRamp technology, which lets you do high resistance yet low-impact workout with its ramp levels and range so you can build and strengthen your muscles without risking injuring your knees, ankles and joints. Additionally, it has a magnetic resistance system that allows you to set the equipment to a resistance level that’s right for your fitness level and requirement as too much resistance may strain your muscles while something that’s too low might bore you and leave you unchallenged.

Pull Up Bars

If you’re not the only fitness enthusiast in your household, it’s likely you won’t be the only one to use the equipment. In which case, Precor EFX 225’s Used ID system would come in very handy.  It lets you retrieve and keep track of your workout data even when there’s more than one user.

As you progress, and raise or alter your fitness goals to a different level, you’ll need to change your workout mode, routine or program. It comes with ten preloaded workouts, which include weight loss workout, basic HRC workout, aerobic workout, hill climb workout, cross country workout, gluteal workout, cross training, and manual workout, you can keep boredom from the same workout routine at bay, and stay challenged.

Apart from keeping you challenged, EFX 225 also keeps you informed of your workout data such as your time, distance, calories burned, heart rate, resistance level, strides, etc. This is important because to work out without keeping track of your data would only leave you clueless about the rate of your progress and how effective your workout program is.

Even minor convenience features such as a water bottle holder, and mp3 plug–in matter when you’re working out. And with an easy-to-use console, a hassle-free workout is definitely one of the things you can expect from Precor EFX 225.

Precor EFX 225 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer Review
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