The ProGear 100S Indoor Training Cycle Review

A long time ago, the first fitness equipment my dad bought for the family was a training cycle. Nothing much has changed; even today, an exercise cycle is the most preferred family workout equipment. It mimics the road bike and it’s affordable.

There are hundreds of cycle trainer brands in the market, but fitness enthusiasts have hit the jackpot with the ProGear 100S Indoor Training Cycle. This is an entry-level trainer that performs equal to the top-end brands but is available at half the price. The ProGear 100S even boasts of features that are not usually available in entry-level models. Instead of bits and pieces of information, let’s take a look at the best features of the ProGear 100S Indoor Training Cycle.

Pull Up Bars

ProGear 100S – What you need to know

ProGear 100S is a well-built, lightweight, compact training cycle 

The words compact and light weight often carries a slightly negative connotation. Some misunderstand compact as small and lightweight as not suitable for intense workouts. The ProGear 100S Cycle is lightweight and sturdy at the same time. It’s compact and sufficiently large at the same time.

The ProGear 100S is made of industrial grade steel frame that can withstand a maximum weight of 250lbs. The heaviest part of the cycle – the flywheel, weights about 22lbs. The whole cycle weighs only 59.7lbs. The steel frame, heavy flywheel, and clever design ensure there is minimal shaking and wobbling even during intense pedaling.

The makers have added rear stabilizer end caps to maintain the stability of the cycle on slightly uneven surfaces. The sturdy ProGear 100S Indoor Training Cycle is designed to last for a very long time, Nevertheless, to earn people’s trust, the makers offer a 1-year warranty for the cycle.

ProGear 100S comes with an easily adjustable seat

During workouts, you need to be in a proper position to reduce risks of injuries and to maximize the benefits of cycling. Moreover, the ideal cycle posture and position differ from person to person. Users can adjust the seat both vertically and horizontally to suit their comfort. The process is easy, unscrew the knob, release the pole, change the position of the seat (horizontally or vertically) and tighten the knob again. Unfortunately, the cycle lacks any mechanism to adjust the handlebar. The handle bar is fixed and, unlike, other models, has very few holding options. The ProGear 100S cycle can be used by anyone who’s between 5’ 1’’ and 6’ 2’’ in height.

Pull Up Bars

Applying resistance in the ProGear 100S Cycle

As your lower body strength improves you would want to move to the next levels (i.e.) increase the resistance of pedaling. The ProGear 100S uses a simple mechanism to increase friction and resistance. There are no fixed levels; the user just has to turn the resistance knob to gradually increase the difficulty level.

ProGear 100S gives natural cycling experience

To give the user a smooth and natural cycling experience the makers have fitted the cycle with a heavy flywheel and chain drive system. A minor drawback with this system is that the chain needs oiling and maintenance.

The pedals are strong, can withstand heavy work pressure, even though they are attached to a one-piece crank. To prevent any mishap during pedaling activity, they pedals come with slip-proof straps and toe cages.

Monitor / Console

You can monitor your performance on the ProGear 100S Indoor Training Cycle by following the console placed near the handlebar. The console measures and displays the pulse rate, pedaling speed, time, distance, and calories burned. To monitor the heart/pulse rate you need to grip the pulse sensors placed on the handlebars.




Sturdy, lightweight, and compact

No mechanism to adjust handlebars

Reasonable price, 1-year warranty

No clear resistance levels

Monitors and displays vital stats

Adjustable seat (allows horizontal and vertical adjustment)


A simple mechanism to increase resistance


Slip-proof pedal straps and toe cages


Chain drive system and flywheel for smooth, natural drive




The ProGear 100S Indoor Training Cycle Review
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