XtremepowerUS Cycle 20 Indoor Cycling Bicycle

Cycling is a great way of burning excess body fat and getting back in shape. In the good old days, people used to spend hours cycling in the neighborhood in order to stay fit and healthy. Unfortunately, in this modern era, people are so busy with their corporate lives that they fail to take good care of their own health. The end result is a bag full of diseases in their bodies. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you may give birth to several types of health issues such as diabetes, joint aches, heart problems, and many more. Try cycling from the comfort of your living room on an exercise bike. This will help you exercise and get your daily dose of workouts and will allow you to exercise whenever you have some leisure time.  We take a look at the XtremePowerUS CYCLE 20. indoor cycling bicycle.

XtremepowerUS Cycle 20 – Features

When it comes to exercise bikes, the market is practically filled with multiple varieties. Workout cycles are made by several manufacturers and are available with various features. You have to choose the right bike for yourself depending upon your fitness level. If you are a first timer, then opting for a good quality exercise bike, such as the XtremepowerUS Cycle 20, will be a good idea.

  1. The flywheel of the XtremepowerUS Cycle 20 weighs around 20 pounds. This is heavy and big enough for those of you who have never exercised on an exercise cycle. It is very important for you to note that the bigger and heavier the flywheel, the smoother and noiseless will be your workout routine. This is especially beneficial for those of you who prefer to exercise at night.
  2. The resistance level of the XtremepowerUS Cycle 20 indoor bike can easily be altered depending upon your requirement. On days when you do not wish to go for a hardcore workout, you can easily reduce the resistance and vice versa. The resistance is applied with the help of a felt brake pad which is around 44 pounds to the flywheel.
  3. There is also a clearly visible LCD monitor, which displays several types of information about your workout sessions such as speed, time spent, calories burned, scan mode, and distance traveled. All this data will help you keep track of your daily progress.
  4. The maximum user weight capacity of the XtremepowerUS Cycle 20 exercise bike is 265 pounds, which is big enough to allow an extremely obese person to exercise on the bike with ease.

These are just a few of the several features of the XtremepowerUS Cycle 20 spin bike. Whenever you decide to buy a workout machine for your personal at home, always read and find out about the ways to take good care of the machine. If the machine ceases to work smoothly, you may find it very difficult to use it in the days to come. It will also be a good idea to do some research work and then opt for a suitable exercise bike, since purchasing any type of workout equipment is a type of investment on your own health.

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