bodycraft vr200 rower reviewsBodycraft VR200 Rowing Machine Review

Your presence here indicates your fondness for doing rowing exercises. Rowing is a great way to tone muscles, enhance blood circulation, improve cardiovascular fitness, and achieve various other fitness goals.

The Bodycraft VR200 Rower is ideal for beginners looking to purchase their first rowing machine. The machine delivers what a beginner needs; it’s durable, compact, easy to use, feature-rich, and affordable. All in all, the Bodycraft VR200 Rowing Machine is an effective air resistance rowing machine that’s suited for both commercial and residential use. What are the qualities that make the Bodycraft VR200 Rower the best fitness equipment for beginners? Let’s find out.

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BodyCraft VR200 Rower: Design, Build Quality, and Storage

The Bodycraft VR200 Rowing Machine comprises of the high-quality aluminum seat rail and sturdy steel leg supports. The heavy-duty build quality ensures the machine can withstand bodycraft vr200 reviewssevere strain resulting from strong rowing. The seat is set at a height of 18-inches and it sits on a friction-free roller.

To mimic the rowing action, users pull an aluminum handle attached to the machine with a nylon belt. There are some who would want to see a chain in place of the nylon belt. But, there isn’t much difference between the two. Special nylon belt used in Bodycraft VR200 Rowing Machine is durable and capable of withstanding heavy use. Nylon is also used to cut down on noise.

In terms of size, the Bodycraft VR200 Rowing Machine is smaller than its advanced counterparts. But, the machine is large and sturdy enough to accommodate users as heavy as 300lbs and as tall as 6’4’’. There is no minimum limit to who can use the rowing machine. Children, thinly built people, or short people – anyone can use the Bodycraft VR200 Rowing Machine.

The Bodycraft VR200 Rowing Machine is the ideal equipment for those who are short on space. The ability to fold easily and store in small spaces is one of the hallmarks of this product. To reduce its dimensions to 35.5 x 17.5 x 58 inches, all you’ve to do is fold the seal rail after pulling the locking knob.

BodyCraft VR200 Resistance and Display Screen

Users can expect both low and high-end rowing power. The Bodycraft VR200 Rowing Machine enables the dual power rowing using air and magnetic resistance.

bodycraft vr200 rowing machine reviewThe magnetic resistance or eddy current technology used enables the low-end power use. As you row, you won’t feel any change in the resistance (i.e.) the resistance is constant irrespective of the rowing speed. To increase or decrease the resistance, you’ve to tweak the knob on the machine.

The air resistance makes the high-end power use possible. To operate this setting, you’ve to spin the flywheel and pull the handle. The faster you row, the faster the flywheel spins. This pushes the air into the flywheel, which results in increased resistance.

bodycraft vr200 rowing machine reviews

The monitor or display screen provides valuable data about your performance. The following data is monitored by the machine and displayed on the screen: total distance covered, distance per workout, strokes per minute (SPM), calories, time per 500m, time, strokes per workout, and total strokes. You can choose either miles or kilometers to display the distance.




Compact; Easy to fold, move, and store

Manually controlled resistance

Relieves pain, improves blood circulation, and tones muscles

Some users not satisfied with the nylon belt

Uses air and magnetic resistance; Supports weight of up to 300lbs, and a maximum height of 6’4’’

Monitors and displays distance covered, strokes, calories, and time

Perfect for full body workout; Suitable for people of all age groups

Auto-shutdown if the system is inactive for 75 seconds


Bodycraft VR200 Rowing Machine Review
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