Gymenist Chrome Dumbbell with PVC Rubber Ring Review

The Gymenist Chrome Dumbbells with PVC Rubber Ring represent a great option for the style-conscious users. They come with a premium finish which recommends them for home use, above every other option.  With double PVC rubber ring on each side, they will even work to protect sensible floor surfaces as those made from wood. They will also work among the interesting options when it comes to grip. Thus, they will come with a soft padded grip which will prove nice to hold but which will also work to prevent slippage.


  • Premium chrome finish
  • Padded grip
  • Dual PVC rings on sides


  • Not for commercial use


When you are looking for the best solution to work out at home you might not be thinking about style. But the dumbbell set will be a top priority for the users who want a stylish finish and who want to integrate the dumbbells into a certain gym look at home. This is why they will be considered by many people who are into decorations and interior design.

The dumbbells come in various weights. Thus, you will be able to choose between 7 weights which range from 3lbs to 20lbs. The dumbbells will thus prove to be one of the best solutions when looking to maximize the efforts both in terms of exercises and in terms of looks. In terms of exercises, you will be able to perform your regular routine which targets multiple muscle groups. Thus, you will be able to activate the muscles in your arms, upper and lower body just as with non-premium dumbbells.


The main strength of the dumbbell set lies in the design. Thus, with two rubber PVC circles on the sides, the dumbbells will prove to be a good choice if you are conscious about design. You can thus integrate the dumbbells with other chromed equipment in your home. Even more, they come with padded handles which will make them easier to use and easier to hold. With a design which is made against slippage, they will prove to be a solid option for any type of user but they will work especially for the new users.

The Gymenist Chrome Dumbbell with PVC Rubber Ring represents one of the best options for those looking to combine looks and practicality. This is one of the main reasons why you would consider them for your home and not a commercial gym where heavy use could potentially damage the chromed finish. Even more, it will prove to be one of the best solutions when looking to lowering the noise as they come with the PVC rings on the weights. The comfortable grip also recommends the set among the premium options as they will be easy to hold. Since they are made with lower weights, they are thus recommended for the occasional use or for the smaller muscle groups. They will thus be recommended for practicality combined with a premium design.

Gymenist Chrome Dumbbell with PVC Rubber Ring Review
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