The Epic Power of Captain America Shield Urethane Bumper Plates

Imagine lifting barbell plates that are modeled after Captain America’s indestructible shield. Cool, right? Well, imagine no more ‘cuz fitness and nutrition brand ONNIT, in partnership with Marvel, has brought to life Steve Roger’s iconic shield and turned it into urethane-coated bumper plates with their first product launched under the ONNIT MARVEL Hero Elite Series of Fitness Equipment. And so from a popular fictional shield to fully functional barbell plates, the Captain America Shield Urethane Barbell Plates, which come in pairs of 25 lb, 35 lb, and 45 lb weight increments, now form part of the Marvel Hero Elite Series as one of the super-hero themed functional fitness equipment designed to help you build a “SUPER” kind of strength.

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Marvel Hero Elite Series Captain America Shield Urethane Barbell Plates by Onnit

These Captain America shield-inspired barbell plates have a steel core or center coated with high quality polyurethane. They fit around any standard gym barbell and are built and designed to withstand impact from drops. Impact-resistant, highly durable, and shock absorbing, these urethane-coated plates have very high tear strength so they generally come with longer warranty coverage than do rubber plates.

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Known for its immense capacity to withstand high impact and temperature, Urethane doesn’t tear or abrade easily so you can be confident that just like Roger’s iconic shield, Onnit/Marvel’s Captain America Shield Urethane Barbell Plates won’t fail and disappoint you as it has the power and durability to last you a long time. This synthetic material is also latex free and doesn’t emit strong odor so if you’re allergic to substances that are present in rubber plates but still would like to try your hand in weightlifting workout and training, then using urethane-coated plates would be a safe and great option for you.

Urethane-coated steel plates are also ideal for general strength training and are generally quieter than conventional steel plates. They also look more polished and professional, and in the case of the Cap-themed barbell plates, a lot cooler than old school steel weights. And so with greater confidence in the quality, feel and looks of your barbell plates, you’re sure to have a safe, fun, efficient and effective way of doing an overall body conditioning every time you give all you got when you lift the weights.

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But as eye-catching as these plates are, it’s really the quality of the weights and the benefits you’ll reap from weightlifting training that makes it an even more attractive choice for those who are looking for a fully functional fitness equipment that will not just allow them to burn calories, enhance their capacity for physical activity, develop lean muscle mass, as well as improve muscle endurance and bone density but will also inspire them to aim for a super-hero kind of life that’s characterized by discipline, commitment and integrity.

And so when you train with the Marvel Hero Elite Captain America Shield Urethane Barbell Plates, you can expect for it to push your limits, build your body, increase your strength and do all of that not just in an ordinary kind of way but the Avenger way.

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ONNIT Marvel Captain America Shield Barbell Plate
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