Homegrace Exercise Bike

Are you looking for a way to exercise without having to run around the neighbourhood? Or perhaps the only time you have available to work out your leg muscles are in the evenings. Not a very good time to go out cycling.

Introducing the Homegrace Exercise Bike from Homegrace. This Bike feels like the real thing and even better with variable levels of resistance. It comes with a variety of state of the art features that puts it ahead of the game such as an adjustable seat that feels extremely comfortable to sit ion. You can pull it up or down or even forward or backward to provide the optimum and most comfortable position to the handle bars.

The pedals are designed to prevent foot slippage during your work out making sure that you are feet are well protected even during intense training.

The Homegrace Exercise Bike has a large, heavy duty wheel that helps to keep the momentum going and create a smooth ride. And the good thing is you will not need to worry about making side movements that tire you without much benefit to your work out regime.

An added feature is the water bottle holder that is conveniently situated near enough for you to quickly grab and take a drink as you continue with your routine. Being hydrated helps you perform at optimum levels for better results.

At 440 pounds, the Homegrace Exercise Bike is by no means light weight, which is exactly what you need from a durable bike intended to provide you with a long service life.

All the information you need to keep track of your performance and physical state is right there in front of you with the help of the LCD screen. This allows you to view your speed, distance, time lasting, calories burnt and heart rate, keeping you informed and motivated throughout your work out session.

If you have a space in your home that can be turned into an indoor fitness studio, the Homegrace Exercise Bike will help make this possible. Finally, you can exercise at your convenience thanks to this amazing product from Homegrace.

Product features

  • Highly comfortable and adjustable seat
  • Well placed pedals that prevent foot slippage during intense workouts
  • LCD screen that provided information about heart rate, calories, distance and time helping you keep track of your workout
  • Large wheel for maintain momentum
  • Water bottle holder that is strategically placed to keep you hydrated


  • Provides the best tool for training motivation especially if you are starting out
  • Easy to put together and adjust
  • Does the job it is intended for and provides a good sturdy training tool
  • Quality product for your money
  • Easy to use


  • May be a bit too small for tall individuals

Buying Tip

It is easy to think that when you need to get a good exercise bike, any model out there will get the job done. The truth is, like with any other worthy product, exercise bikes come with different features and quality. Being well informed will help you make the right choice as to which model or brand is best for your household.

Low priced exercise bikes for example only come with basic features, have a less sturdy built and do not offer many work out programs, if any at all. They also produce more noise compared to the high-end bikes that offer an interactive multifunctional display, come with numerous workout applications and varied levels of resistance.

Homegrace Exercise Bike
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