Ligandrol – The Ingredient Which Helps You Get a Bulky Body

Wherever you go, you will find people racing against time and against each other. Whether you walk inside the corporate world or visit a few educational institutions, you will find a rat race everywhere. Similar is the case in the bodybuilding and sports worlds. Athletes and bodybuilders compete against each other to stay ahead in the race to glory and fame. They try various means to get that slight edge over others. Some of them also try several steroids in order to excel in their fields. Although some of the popular names in the sports world have been caught using several banned steroids, the use of such adrenaline boosting ingredients is still going on.

Ligandrol – What Is It Exactly?

If you are from the sports or bodybuilding world, you must have heard about Ligandrol (LGD 4033) Testosterone Booster. It is basically a selective androgen receptor modulator and is quite well-known amongst athletes and bodybuilders. It is mainly used for cutting and bulking. On an average, a mere 10mg of Ligandrol has shown to gain around 5 pounds to 10 pounds of mass per month. Ligandrol is free from any side effects and is used as an alternative to various steroids. There have been numerous stories of considerable weight gains due to regular intake of LGD-4033. In many reports, it is also claimed that it is approximately 11 times more powerful than Ostarine, its closest competitor.

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How Does It Work?

According to tests, Ligandrol is found to bond readily with androgen receptors. In other words, Ligandrol basically works as a SARM or selective androgen receptor modulator. The term “selective” has been used, since it binds only with the androgen receptors found in your muscles. It does not bind with the androgen receptors found in your bones or any other part of your body.

Apart from being used as a performance boosting drug, Ligandrol is also used as a legitimate medical drug. During the earlier days, this drug was used to overcome conditions which lead to muscle waste. Such conditions were usually associated with various serious illnesses, which include old age and cancer.

Benefits You Can Expect From Ligandrol

One of the common benefits of consuming Ligandrol is weight gain. This is especially beneficial for extremely thin people, who wish to join a fitness club and have six packs. On an average, 1 pound to 1.5 pounds of weight gain per week is reported after having Ligandrol. However, you have to maintain a high protein diet and an above average calorie intake. Most of the experts believe that weight gain due to Ligandrol intake is largely possible from glycogen super-condensation. In other words, this drug orders your body to store a higher level of water and carbs than the normal level. However, once you stop consuming Ligandrol and the effect wears off, your body will automatically lose some of the gained weight. This is possible, since your muscles get rid of glycogen.

Proper Dose of Ligandrol

In order to get the best possible results, it is highly recommended to start off with a dose of 5mg to 10mg of Ligandrol LGD 4033 per day. However, after around 3 weeks to 4 weeks, you may increase the dose by 1mg to 2mg. It is also suggested to stop consuming Ligandrol after every 6 to 12 weeks so that your body does not get accustomed the drug.

Possible Side Effects of Regular Consumption of Ligandrol

There have been no reports of any possible or serious side effects of Ligandrol. However, it has been seen that this drug has a strong tendency of lowering or suppressing your natural testosterone levels. At the same time, it also lowers SHBG or sex hormone binding globulin. Thankfully, the levels of your natural testosterone and SHBG gets back to normal in around 1 to 3 weeks of time. Unlike popular beliefs, Ligandrol does not have any type of negative effect on your libido. Ligandrol does not have anything to do with liver toxicity, as well, and none of your internal organs get damaged due to regular intake of Ligandrol.

Can You Take Ligandrol?

You will be happy to know that Ligandrol is a legal drug and an accepted alternative to steroids. It also works in the exact same way as steroids without the possibility of any type of serious side effects to your health. However, if you are into any type of sports, which has banned this drug, then you better stay out of Ligandrol. Nonetheless, this drug is highly effective in helping you gain some weight and look bulkier than ever before in your life.

Where to Buy the Drug?

Unless you are a sportsperson into a sport where Ligandrol LGD-4033 is banned, you can easily buy the drug from some specific online retailers. It is usually available in small containers of 30ml. it is supposed to be consumed orally and no need to use needles at all. A 30ml Ligandrol will allow you to get 3 to 6 doses, since you are supposed to have a dose of 5ml to 10ml. You will also come across Ligandrol available in the form of capsules. These are usually low in quality and quite weak when compared to the liquid form. If you wish to enjoy best possible results, then you better choose the liquid oral form of the drug. If you compare the price of Ligandrol with other types of SARMs, you will find that the price of this drug is quite cheap.

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If you consume anything in excess, it may lead to various problems in the long run. This is why it is always suggested to stick to a limit and enjoy the benefits for a long time. Ligandrol is especially recommended for those of you who have tried almost every possible solution to gain weight without any success. If you are extremely thin and wish to get in the bodybuilding world, then consuming Ligandrol LGD 4033 is important. It will help you gain weight, which you can sculpt at the gym. However, do remember to cycle off the drug after every 6 to 12 weeks.

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