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You simply can’t be healthy without including enough greens in your diet. Unfortunately, many of us don’t always have the time to prepare enough greens. Some don’t always have a ready and easy access to such fresh ingredients while others just don’t happen to have the appetite for them. Unfortunately, failing to meet our bodies’ nutritional requirements would cause deficiencies that can result in different kinds of sicknesses, lack of energy, poor immune system, or inefficiency in performing mental and physical tasks. So, for those who don’t always have the time, access to and appetite for greens, taking daily greens in a form that’s readily available, quick and easy to prepare, and that you can simply mix with water and drink straight up so you won’t have to force yourself into chewing it may be a good thing to consider.  That’s where ONNIT Earth Grown Nutrients comes in to save the day.
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The Onnit All-in One Daily Greens is basically a soy- and dairy-free mix of different greens in powder form. It comes in different blends namely the Power Greens Blend, the Champion Blend, the Rainbow Blend, the Detox Blend, and the Gut Blend.

The Power Greens Blend contains different greens such as the wheat and barley grass, seaweeds and alfalfa, which are known for their properties that can help increase the body’s level of alkalinity.

The Champion Blend, on the other hand, is a green and fruity mix of different kinds of Peruvian fruits and veggies rich in antioxidants.

Apart from the Power and Champion blends, ONNIT Earth Grown Nutrients also has a Rainbow Blend, which is quite a “colorful” and flavorful mix of various fruits and veggies offering an array of vitamins and minerals in powder form.

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To aid in your body’s detoxification function, there’s the Detox Blend, which is a mix of dandelion root, olive leaf, and milk thistle.

onnit egn reviewLast but not the least is the Gut Blend, which, as the name implies contains a mix of things that would benefit your gut and that includes different probiotics as well as enzymes.

As for the taste, the blends would give a generally mild and tolerable hint of greens so it’s not overwhelmingly earthy or bitter. ONNIT EGN is also not infused with sugar or artificial sweeteners so you’ll still get to enjoy the ingredients’ natural taste in a mild way.

Now, this is not to say that taking the ONNIT Earth Grown Nutrients All-in One Daily Greens can adequately meet all your nutritional requirements or totally take the place of eating greens in their natural form. To some extent, this product by ONNIT Labs can help reduce the nutritional deficiencies and aid in improving your body’s immune system, alkalinity, detoxification and digestive processes. So, whenever you have the time, access to and appetite for some good greens, take advantage of it and you’ll do your body some great favor. But in case you don’t, then you can always have the ONNIT Earth Grown Nutrients All-in One Daily Greens as a friendly option.

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