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ONNIT is known for creating high quality fitness products and equipment as well as plant-based and nutrient-rich supplements designed and formulated to promote health and fitness and to boost the body’s strength, endurance, muscle recovery and immunity against disease-causing elements.

Part of ONNIT’s product line-up is the Hemp Force Active, which is a protein-rich supplement made from various plant sources such as organic rice. As you would expect from other ONNIT supplements, it’s loaded with earth-grown nutrients that can greatly benefit individuals who want to keep their bodies fit, healthy and able to keep up with the demands of their active lifestyle.

onnit hemp force
If you’re a vegan or vegetarian who’s on the hunt for a protein supplement with no soy, gluten, dairy or GMO content, you’re likely to end your search with the Onnit Hemp Force Active. It’s highly recommended for vegetarians and for those who are allergic to soy or glutenor want to avoid ingesting toxins and chemically laden GMO ingredients that can bring more harm than health to the body.

Apart from protein, this plant-based supplement also offers significant amounts of fiber as well as Omega acids including 1.5g of Omega-3 fatty acid, which are not usually included in most supplements you’ll find in the markets today. Unlike other supplements that can only provide your body with amino acids for healthy muscle tissues, the ONNIT Hemp Force Active offers good fats that can help you keep healthy levels of cholesterol and blood pressure for a healthy heart and well-functioning circulatory system. As a result, you can experience and enjoy having increased energy so you can train more, do more, and accomplish more.

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hemp force protein reviewIf taste is a deal-breaker for you and counts as a major deciding factor in choosing which supplement would work best for you, then you won’t have to worry about taking the ONNIT Hemp Force Active as it comes with great taste that you normally won’t expect from something that’s plant-based. Since not everyone is fond of eating greens because of how they taste, a lot of us try to keep away from them and consequently deprive ourselves of the healthy benefits of including greens in our diets. And since most supplements, whether in powder or liquid form, that contain greens in their ingredients also somehow tend to have a “grassy” taste, many of us are a bit apprehensive about trying them.

Fortunately, ONNIT saw that need for both nutrition and taste and has come up with plant-based products that are not only filled with earth-grown nutrients that our bodies need but are also easy on the taste buds. The ONNIT Hemp Force Active has maca as well as pure cocoa and stevia as part of its ingredients. They give this protein supplement the chocolate flavor with just enough sweetness that you can enjoy without feeling guilty. It’s actually quite a proof that being healthy doesn’t necessarily have to compromise being happy with taking something that actually tastes delicious and vice versa.

ONNIT Hemp Force Active Review
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