OrangeA Indoor Cycling Bike – A Feature Rich Indoor Exercise Cycle

In this hectic lifestyle, if you wish to survive properly you have to exercise every day. It is not necessary for you to go to a gym on a daily basis in order to exercise. You may also do so from the comfort of your home or in between your working hours at office. There are several types of workout machines available at stores, which can easily be used at home or in your office cabin. Whether you talk about treadmills, indoor cycling bikes, elliptical trainers or rowing machines, almost every type of workout machine is designed to be used at home.  We find out here if the OrangeA Indoor Cycle Bike is right for you.

OrangeA Indoor Cycling Bike

Are you more interested in buying an indoor exercise cycle for your personal use? There are several brands of such bikes available in the market. Blindly purchasing any model made by any brand is the not the best way of choosing an appropriate exercise cycle. There are some models made for first timers and some are for professionals. If you are looking for something in the former category, then one of the best bets will be the OrangeA Indoor Cycling Bike. It is one of the best suited for first timers and is very easy on your pocket.


  1. The entire frame of the OrangeA Indoor Cycling Bike is made up of lightweight aluminum alloy. Although this makes the product lighter than most other exercise cycles, it is quite sturdy and durable in nature.
  2. The handlebars and seat come well-padded with foam to provide better comfort to users, especially when you decide to exercise on the bike for longer hours. The seat can be adjusted in all 4 directions which are up, down, forward, and backward. This makes the bike perfectly suitable for users of different shapes and sizes.
  3. There is a tension knob on the OrangeA Indoor Cycling Bike which makes alteration of the resistance very simple. On days when you do not feel like a challenging workout, you can simply reduce the resistance and vice versa.
  4. The flywheel works in a very noiseless and smooth manner. This is especially good news for those of you who usually prefer to exercise at night and fear disturbing the sleeping family members at home due to a noisy indoor exercise bike.
  5. There is a LED monitor on the OrangeA Indoor Cycling Bike, which shows information such as time spent on the machine, distance travelled, your pulse rate, total calories burned, and speed.


  • Due to the possibility of adjusting the seat in multiple directions, the OrangeA Spin Bike is one of the best for every member in your family.
  • This exercise spin bike comes with anti-skid pedals so that your feet do not slip while exercising at top speeds.
  • Comes with a special holder for water bottles for added convenience.
  • Is extremely lightweight and sturdy at the same time. This makes transportation of the bike very simple.


  • Assembling the indoor exercise bike may not be a piece of cake for all.
OrangeA Indoor Cycling Bike Review
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