Picamilon – An Effective Supplement to Boost Brain Functions

Your brain is one of the most important parts of your body. If you do not use it regularly, it may get dull and cease to function smoothly. This is usually the case with older people. With time, the old cells in your brain die out and new ones take their places. If the balance between the old and new cells is not equal, then your brain will get dull. In order to maintain an equal balance, you need to have a good quality brain supplement. There are various types of brain or nootropic supplements in the market. In order to get the most benefits, it is important to choose the best one.

Picamilon – A Brief Insight

Just like any other good quality nootropic supplement, Picamilon also helps your brain in several ways. It improves your memory, motivation level, concentration level, and attention span. In other words, it enhances the overall functionality of your brain. Apart from that, Picamilon has also been proved to enhance calmness, and relaxation. As a result of this, it helps you to remain stress free and far away from any type of anxiety.

Effects and Benefits of Picamilon

To put things in short, Picamilon can help you with mood management and cognitive enhancement. Here are some of the effects and benefits of the supplement.

  1. It has been seen that Picamilon has a great positive effect on your memory. You can easily retain information in your brain and also recall them whenever necessary. It helps you to learn things faster than ever before in your life.
  2. Picamilon can help enhance the flow of blood to your brain. As a result of this, you will find it very easy to concentrate on matters in hand and experience a boost in your alertness and mental stamina.
  3. Picamilon is a great supplement to help you stay away from anxiety. This helps you to remain stress and depression free. This helps your mood to remain good and positive all the time and you will naturally feel happy from within.
  4. When you take sedatives or any type of tranquilizers, your mind tends to get fogged and groggy. This is not the case with Picamilon. This supplement also helps you relax without the grogginess and mental fog.


Picamilon is free from any side effects and is highly tolerable. However, it is still suggested to have the supplement in a responsible manner. It is always a good idea to start off with mild doses and increase the dosage once you get acclimatized with the supplement. Usually 50mg to 400mg is common amongst users. However, there have been cases wherein users have experienced benefits after having dosages of 1000mg to 200mg.

Although Picamilon is free from any major side effects, there have been reports of people having some side effects such as low blood pressure. The moment you start suffering from low blood pressure, better stop the consumption of the supplement. Even if you suffer from hypotension, better seek medical help before you have Picamilon.

Picamilon – An Effective Supplement to Boost Brain Functions
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