Noopept – A Highly Effective Supplement to Boost Your Brain

When it comes to health supplements, you will come across numerous varieties in the market. Similarly, there are multiple varieties of brain supplements, as well. Most of you may have heard about the term nootropics. However, very few of you probably know about it. A nootropic supplement is made with ingredients which help your brain function properly even when you get old. Your concentration level improves, your memory gets a boost, and it helps your imaginative skills. One of the most commonly found brain supplement is Noopept. It is said that the effects of Noopept is almost immediate. You do not have to wait for some time in order to see the benefits of the supplement.

A Bit about Noopept

There are several nootropic supplements in the market, which can take as long as several weeks or even months to show signs of positive effects. However, this is not true with Noopept. There is another nootropic, by the name of phenylpiracetam, which is as effective as Noopept. It works quite similar to piracetam. However, Noopept is said to be around 1000 times to 5000 times more potent than piracetam. This does not mean that the effect of this supplement is very profound. It simply means that it can attune itself to the human brain receptors in a better way. Due to this feature, you can take smaller doses of Noopept to show similar results to having piracetam.

Health Benefits of Noopept

Piracetam can help with memory formation. However, Noopept can help with memory formation, as well as, memory retrieval and memory consolidation. This brain supplement helps to streamline all the signals processed by your senses in the brain. As a result of this, your memory improves. Regular intake of Noopept can help you take in more information and also process them in your daily life. You will find it very simple to recall words, places, and names. Forgetting things will become history and remembering stuffs will become simple.

Various types of protein in your body also get a boost during production. Increased levels of proteins like NGF or Nerve Growth Factor and BDNF or Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor, help in the maintenance, survival, and growth of nerve cells in your brain.


It is usually recommended to have small doses of Noopept. This is because the potency of the supplement is high. You are not supposed to have more than 40mg in a cycle of 24 hours. 10mg to 20mg thrice a day is best for an adult. Your body metabolizes Noopept at a fast pace. Instead of consuming a large dose of the supplement, small doses thrice a day will help to extend the positive effects of the supplement.

It is very important to take good care of your brain along with your body. You may exercise every day to stay fit and healthy. However, it is also important to exercise your brain in order to make it work properly for life. A good quality nootropic supplement can help your brain function smoothly and remember stuffs easily.

Noopept – A Highly Effective Supplement to Boost Your Brain
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