proform studio bike proExperience A Never Before Indoor Workout with the ProForm Studio Bike Pro

Riding a bike on a plain surface is not a very difficult task. Although it may help you shed unwanted body fat to some extent, it may not be a great form of exercise. The main challenge is when you ride a bike on undulated roads. Try riding a bike on a mountainous surface and you will feel almost every muscle in your body begging for a proper rest. You will find various types of indoor bikes for your workout in the market. However, most of them come with just the basic features and help you lose weight at a very slow rate.  The ProForm Studio Bike Pro comes with built-in coaching to get you working out like you were in a group class at your local studio gym.

proform studio bike pro review

Proform Studio Bike Pro – A Workout Bike Different From Othersproform studio pro bike

You must have heard about people using Proform Studio Bike Pro either at home or at their workplaces. This exercise machine is certainly different from other bikes available at stores. It has several features, which have made it completely different from others.

  1. The Proform Studio Bike Pro comes with a 10 inch Full HD Smart Touchscreen Display. Apart from getting vital workout related data such as distance travelled, time spent, calories burnt, and your heart rate, you can also access your various social media profiles on the display and watch your favorite movie or songs, as well.
  2. This workout machine also comes with 24 different types of workout apps. Apart from choosing different workout apps to suit your convenience, you may also choose different key sections of the Tour De France such as mountain stages or time trial.
  3. Have you been through a recent heart ailment and feel a bit doubtful about using the Proform Studio Bike Pro? There is nothing to worry about. This exercise equipment comes with a instant heart rate reading feature, which can tell you about your heart rate the moment you commence your workout session.
  4. If you do not like riding the Proform Studio Bike Pro along a plain surface, you may alter the inclination or declination of the machine at the simple press of a button. It comes with a 20% incline and a 20% decline feature, which can help you burn more calories and involve greater intensity in your workouts.
  5. The Proform Studio Bike Pro has a dedicated section where you can place your tablet, water bottle, as well as, your iPod. It comes with a transport wheel to enable you to move it as and when you like. There is also a workout fan to help you stay cool when you work out for long hours on the bike.proform studio bike pro reviews

proform studio spin bike pro reviewsThere are multiple other features of the bike, which will surely help you enjoy your exercise sessions on the Proform Studio Bike Pro. With so many workout apps, this machine is suitable for both first-timers and professionals. Do make sure to take good care of the machine, so that it can last for a long time and help you remain fit and healthy for several years to come. After all, without proper care, nothing can last for ever.

ProForm Studio Bike Pro Review
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