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If you are a fitness enthusiast and spend hours exercising at the gym, then you will be aware of the various workout machines and equipment used at a gym. One of the most useful amongst them is a workout bench. Apart from helping you with multiple exercises, a gym bench is also a great place to sit for some time and relax. Usually a workout bench is a standalone exercise equipment and sits in one corner of a room when not in use. However, the PRX Performance Bench is designed in such a way that it can be easily fixed in your PRX Profile Rack and with its folding (space saving) capabilities it can be stored out of the way when not in use to clear up that value floor space.

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Various Features of A PRX Performance Profile Benchprx performance bench

To a first timer, the PRX Performance Profile Bench may appear to be just like any other workout bench available in the market. However, it has several features which makes it different from any other ordinary bench. Some of the key features are discussed below.

  1. The length of the PRX Performance Profile Bench is 45.5” and the breadth is 12” which is big enough for any grown up person to work out on the bench properly and comfortably.
  2. The bench can be fixed with a PRX Profile Rack very easily and it can also be folded away when not in use. When you fold it, the side closer to the wall goes up and the side away from the wall stays down. This way, the top soft side of the bench faces you when stacked against the wall. As a result of this, the PRX Performance Profile Bench does not take up much space in your room.
  3. The bench has a nice solid feel, which will help you exercise properly and without any discomfort. When you lie down to exercise with dumbbells, it is important that you do not lie down on a rock hard surface. Such a surface will give rise to body aches, especially on your back. However, if you work out on a solid soft surface, you will feel comfortable and also complete your exercise easily.
  4. The height of the PRX Performance Profile Bench is 19” from the floor, which is a very comfortable height for most of the people. Even if you are not too tall, you will find this height quite suitable.
  5. There is also a distance of 18” of the bench from the wall, which is suitable enough for a spotter.prx performance folding bench

prx performance bench reviewThese are just a few of the several features of the PRX Utility Bench. If you have a PRX Profile Rack at home and wish to buy a workout bench, then investing on a PRX Performance Folding Bench is a great idea, since it can easily be fitted with the rack. Thus, you do not have to search for additional space to store the bench when not in use, since it can easily be folded to stack against the wall. With this bench, your rack will be almost complete and you can easily workout from the comfort of your home.

PRX Performance Profile Bench Review
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