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Are you a fitness enthusiast and do not like to miss even a single workout schedule? There are many people like you who think that missing out even on a single day at the gym can be bad for their health. If you are a busy executive, then getting enough time to workout at the gym every day can be quite difficult. The best alternative is to change one of your rooms into a home gym and workout whenever you get some leisure time. There are several exercise machines which are designed for home use. You can install a rowing machine or an elliptical trainer, or even a treadmill to exercise from the comfort of your home.  However, one of the best pieces of equipment for a serious home gym is a wall mounted rack.  Most people do not have the room for one of these large bulky units that take up a bunch of floor space (UNTIL NOW).  You may have seen this on Shark Tank.  We are talking about the PRX Profile Rack that folds away when not in use.  prx profile rack

PRX Performance Profile Rack – Featuresprx rack

In these recent times, it is seen that most of the fitness enthusiast find it better to install a performance rack at home. These racks allow you to perform various types of workouts without investing on different types of exercise machines. Amongst the several popular performance racks available in the market, one of the highly reliable is a PRX Squat Rack. Some of the features are discussed below of these racks.

  1. A PRX Rack can be folded away when not in use. These are wall mounted and do not take up much space. They have been designed in such a way that they can be folded to raise the entire structure up and closer to the wall. As a result of this, it takes up very less space and thus, can be installed in any room in your home.
  2. The bars of the PRX Performance Profile Rack come with plastic foot plates, due to which your floor does not get damaged when you use the rack for your daily exercise routines. This is especially beneficial if you have marble or tiled flooring in your rooms.
  3. The maximum user weight bearing capacity of the PRX Performance Profile Rack is 1000 pounds, which is approximately 450kgs. This means that even if you put heavy weightlifting plates on the rack it will not crumble under the weight.
  4. The height of the pull-up bar is 7’5”, which is ideal for you to use it for your workouts. However, if you find it to be too high for you, then you can easily bring down the pull-up bar. This flexibility in use makes the PRX Performance Profile Rack highly popular amongst people of different heights.prx profile rack review

prx performance rackThere are several other features of the PRX Performance Profile Rack which are useful for users. If you are also planning to buy one for your own use, make sure that you have proper available space at home before you install it. You will require a ceiling height of 8’11” and adequate space on either sides of the rack to use the rack properly. Since there are several movable parts on the rack, make sure that you take good care of these parts so that they do not get jammed in the long run.


PRX Performance Profile Rack Review
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