The Sweet Potato Diet – A Sweet Way to Lose Weight

Losing weight is very tough indeed. You have to spend long hours at the gym and also sacrifice all your favorite cuisines in order to look good and feel fit and strong. There are several types of diet plans available in the market. But, how effective they are in reality is very difficult to understand. It is also true that one specific diet plan may work wonders for a person and it may prove to be ineffective for another. This is why it is very important for you to visit a professional in order to get a customized diet plan, which will be effective as per your lifestyle.  Many people have found success though with The Sweet Potato Diet.

What Is The Sweet Potato Diet?

Fitness guru, Michael Morelli, has come up with a new diet plan for fitness enthusiasts. In this book, he clears all your doubts and get rid of all your fears about carb-cycling. He has simplified the process and has also discussed your eating schedule step-by-step. He has stated in his book that you will never have to weigh your food again and there is no need for you to count your calories. The Sweet Potato Diet is basically a very simple yet effective program, which will start its work almost immediately. The diet mentioned in this book will surely boost your energy levels and also bring down your body weight by burning your natural fat. You will feel confident about your body and happy from within.

The Sweet Potato Diet is primarily divided into 4 sections. These include:

  • Essential nutrition, methods important for carb-cycling, and an easily accessible 2-phase approach for enjoying best results.
  • Tips or strategies to help you track your physical results and also adopt the lifestyle to get rid of fat once and for all.
  • Various meal plans, a grocery guide, and approved foods.
  • Various types of easy to perform exercises to help you work around your super carb-cycle.

The recipes included in the book are very easy to make and you do not have to go for a crash course in cooking classes to learn these recipes. There are in total 45 different recipes, which will keep both your stomach and taste buds happy. The book not just tell you about basic food recipes. There are some desserts mentioned in the book, as well.

What Is Carb-Cycling?

The term carb-cycling has been mentioned numerous times above. But not many of you probably know about the term. Carb-cycling is basically a term used in the dietary approach wherein you consume carbs alternatively on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. Experts normally suggest carb-cycling to help you shed unwanted body fat and help your body maintain its normal physical performance while dieting. There are many people, who opt for carb-cycling on a day-to-day basis. On the other hand, there are some who go for this dietary approach for longer periods of time. This method is used to supply carbs to your body when it needs the most and exclude carbs from your diet when you do not need it at all.

Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

As the name suggests, sweet potatoes are a bit sweeter than the normal potatoes you eat every day. However, when it comes to the benefits of having sweet potatoes, very few of you aware of it. Apart from the several benefits of sweet potatoes, there are also multiple ways of preparing it. But keeping to the benefits, here are some of the top health benefits of having sweet potatoes.

  1. Rich in Fiber: When it comes to fiber content of sweet potatoes, it has been proved to be very rich in fiber. At the same time, sweet potatoes take a long time to get burned in your digestive system. If you consume food rich in fiber, you will feel full for a long time, which will stop you from overeating. A reduction in your normal appetite will also lead you to eat less in general. Once you feel full upon consuming a low calorie food, you will naturally have less calories for the entire day. As a result of this, your body will automatically lose weight over time.
  2. Rich in Minerals and Vitamins: It has been proved that sweet potatoes are one of the best sources of beta-carotene and are also quite rich in Vitamin C. If you can have it with a source of fat, it will help your body to absorb the minerals properly. It has also been seen that sweet potatoes do not contain much of anti-nutrients, which can easily flush out minerals and vitamins from your body. Apart from beta-carotene, sweet potatoes also contain almost 214% of Vitamin A, manganese, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, pantothenic acid, biotin, and potassium. Due to its rich contents of several types of minerals and vitamins, sweet potatoes can also prove to be a great way to get rid of nutritional deficiencies.
  3. Beneficial for Blood Sugar: In the list of foods, which feature in low GI food list, sweet potato is a common name. Due to this fact, sweet potatoes do not spike your blood sugar levels after consumption. It has been tested that blood sugar spikes can lead to weight gains in the future and also various types of metabolic diseases.
  4. Prevents Cancer: One of the best health benefits of sweet potatoes is its ability to prevent cancerous cells from growing inside your body. As you probably know, cancer is a life threatening disease which rises when the number of cancerous cells in your body increases. The primary pigment in the purple colored flesh of sweet potatoes called Anthocyanins is currently being tested for its effectiveness in preventing cancer.

There are several other health benefits of sweet potatoes. The new diet book by Michael Morelli, named as The Sweet Potato Diet, has stated that having sweet potatoes on a daily basis can help you shed weight, feel fit, and also feel more energetic than ever before in your entire life. Follow the simple yet effective diet plans mentioned in the book and witness the great results.

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