The Tauki Indoor Exercise Bike Review

Most people don’t have the luxury of time. For them, it’s either health or career; health or family; only in the rarest of cases you’ll find someone who manages a balance between health and the everyday life. Actually, you don’t have to compromise on health. Spending a few minutes every day on the Tauki Indoor Exercise Bike can help you lose weight, improve cardiovascular function, strengthen lower body muscles, and enhance blood circulation.

To help you get a better understanding of the bike, we’ll discuss the specifications, best features, and the pros and cons in this article. We understand that your decision to purchase rests on the information provided here, hence we’ll try to be as detailed as possible.

Pull Up Bars

Why choose the Tauki Indoor Exercise Bike?

The physical features

Tauki looks like any other exercise bike, but it’s a lot sturdier and more powerful than other brands. This compact exercise bike is designed to withstand intense workouts, for an extended period of time. You don’t have to compromise power for size. The Tauki bike is lightweight (69lbs) and compact (49.6 x 21.6 x 48 inches), yet it can accommodate anyone weighing 300lbs or less. The industrial grade steel frame and heavy-duty crank guarantee balance and stability even during intense workouts.

Another element that improves the stability of the bike is the rubber feet. It serves two important purposes; the rubber feet reduce the chances of unnecessary movement and prevent scratches and damages to the floor. The small transport wheel near the base helps relocation of the cycle.

The key features

Pedaling movement puts pressure on the joints, muscles, and other parts of the body. If you’re not seated right or not using proper posture during workouts there is a greater chance of pain or injury. Those who are not comfortable in their normal posture can adjust the seat and handlebars to make it more comfortable. Furthermore, adjustable seat and handlebar also allow users to try different workouts, like the front leaning position, standing position, etc. The handlebar can be adjusted vertically and the seat both horizontally and vertically.

The next injury prone area is the pedals. Your feet might slip during the pedaling motion. To avoid such mishaps, the makers of Tauki Indoor Exercise Bike have fitted the pedals with slip proof straps and toe cages.

Pull Up Bars

The belt drive mechanism and flywheel are the most important components of the bike. The 30-pound flywheel is ideal for workouts that produce the best results. It won’t be easy; you’ll have to sweat out to freely spin the flywheel at higher resistance levels. The bike uses a belt drive mechanism to spin the wheel; this along with the flywheel offers a smooth ride.

The Tauki Indoor Exercise Bike is also equipped with a fitness console/monitor that measures the pulse rate, distance, speed, and time. Your heart rate is measured using sensors that are fitted in the handlebars. To help you stay hydrated, the bike comes with a bottle holder. During the workout, you can safely store your mobile phone in the phone holder. The Tauki bike requires minimal maintenance. Just lubricate the resistance pad occasionally and the bike will serve you for many years.




Sturdy design and easy assembly

No smart app feature

Adjustable seat (4 ways) and handlebars (2 ways), multi-grip handlebars

No clear resistance levels

Chain drive and flywheel (30lbs) ensure a smooth ride

Transport wheels, unlimited resistance


Phone and bottle holders


Slip-proof pedal straps and toe cages


Console to monitor several key body parameters


1-year warranty




The Tauki Indoor Exercise Bike Review
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