Theacrine – Is It the Right Alternative to Caffeine?

If you are in the sports field or have been bodybuilding for a long time, then you must have heard about Theacrine. It is largely found in various sports supplements. Theacrine is also termed as an alternative to caffeine. However, whether this statement is true or not is yet to be determined for sure.

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What Is Theacrine?

In the words of a chemical engineer or a scientist, Theacrine is basically a structurally modified version of caffeine. It is a small alkaloid molecule and is synthesized from caffeine from some specific plants. According to several tests, Theacrine has shown similar effects to caffeine. However, the tolerance level is not like caffeine. In other words, you need to consume small doses of Theacrine in order to achieve similar effects of caffeine. However, the studies conducted on Theacrine is not as much as needed. Thus, the effects of Theacrine cannot be verified for sure.

Benefits of Theacrine

You will usually find Theacrine in several sports supplements. Manufacturers prefer to use Theacrine in their products to give similar effects related to caffeine without the side effects. There are several health benefits of regular intake of Theacrine. Some of these are mentioned below.

  1. Mental And Physical Stimulant: After a certain age, you feel a lack in your physical and mental strength. This makes you feel tired sooner than you think and also mentally exhausted. Theacrine can help over your mental and physical fatigue by acting as a stimulant.
  2. Get Rid Of Anxiety And Stress: In this fast paced world, anxiety and stress has become very common. Even school going kids feel stress due to overload of books. Theacrine can also reduce your anxiety and stress levels and make you feel happy from within.
  3. Facilitate Fat Burning Process: Your body naturally burns stored fat in order to get energy. The faster the fat burning process, the better it is for your health. Theacrine can accelerate the natural fat burning process by inducing thermogenesis.
  4. Reduce Inflammation: Theacrine can also reduce inflammation in your body. It is said that inflammation is the primary cause of several types of health problems such as joint aches. Once inflammation in your body is reduced, it can automatically help you fight against various types of health ailments.

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Side Effects of Theacrine

If you compare Theacrine with caffeine, it has practically no side effects at all. Have you stopped consuming caffeine due to irritability and jitters in your body? Then Theacrine can prove to be a suitable alternative. If you have caffeine on a regular basis, your body tends to grow tolerant to caffeine. However, such tolerance buildup is not possible due to Theacrine.

Although Theacrine is a powerful stimulant, it has no reported side effects like caffeine. However, it is just as effective as caffeine. You feel more energized physically and mentally once you consume Theacrine. Till date, there are not enough tests on Theacrine. However, as the Theacrine-based supplements gain popularity in the market, more research on the ingredient can be expected in the near future.

Theacrine – Is It the Right Alternative to Caffeine?
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