Guide to Biohacking

Biohacking is a type of do-it-yourself biology. This type of biology can take place outside traditional laboratories in smaller settings or even with individuals at home. Biohacking is not as complicated as it sounds. It can be done at different levels according to each individual.

Although there are multiple forms of biohacking, the most popular paths include: taking nootropics to improve brain functions, tracking biometric data or even gene research. There are many currents which can be placed under the biohacking movement, but its purest form is based on a simple principle that we are the results of what we put in our body. This means we can function well or not depending on what we eat. But this also means we can improve some functions of the body which are not functioning at the best parameters with what we put in our bodies.

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The short history of biohacking

Although humans have always wanted to improve their minds to be able to access and learn more information, the biohacking term has only been around since 1988. Some of the most interesting performances of the field are since then based on improving the human condition.

Since 1988 the movement has started to gather momentum with some conferences. It seems the directions of biohacking may be going along the routes of psychology, nutrition or psychiatry. Since most speakers at these conferences seem to focus on a certain perspective, biohacking is quickly becoming a specialized do-it-yourself approach to improving your mind.

How to start with biohacking

So if you want to try it for yourself you might be among the categories of people who want to achieve more with their lives. But one of the best ways to determine if biohacking is for you is by assessing if you have any concentration problems. If you can`t concentrate you are not able to perform t your maximum capacity, or even at all. But it’s more than just about getting the latest coffee supplements or reading on the latest nutrition discoveries.

  1. Start with assessing your goals

In many situations, your goals can be the result of the environment around you. This means you may feel constantly pressured to achieve even if that is not what you truly want. And this goes back to the human evolution. It seems that the more we know the more we tend to expect from ourselves.

If you want to improve your mental abilities you should really think about what motivates you to do so. It might be the case that you need to improve or that you need to take a step back and truly appreciate what you already have. It seems that biohacking is a constant battle to push yourself which does come with its negative side. One of the unwritten rules is that when you gain something you also lose something. For example, if you want to gain knowledge you have to reduce the time you`re not using towards that goal. Often times, biohacking can come with negative emotions or the eeling of underachievement.

  1. Improve the basics in your life

Many biohacking experts tend to overcomplicate some advice from their will to motivate you by giving you large quantities of information. But our brain is very complex and cannot be pushed if the basics are not in place. With our modern society, the basics are not in place for most people.

So where do you start? A good starting point is by truly selecting what you eat. Instead of eating whatever you find easier in a supermarket like processed foods you should focus on preparing your own meals with better sources of nutrients. Not only will fresh food fuel your body but it will also enhance your mood and mind. A simple step as consuming more lemons or oranges might improve your mood when you least expect it.

Water is another element which doesn`t get enough attention. Since you might be drinking coffee or sodas you may think you re hydrated. In reality, to fully sustain the functions of the body and of the brain you need to rink pure water. If you can access the water in an unpolluted stream, that would be the purest approach to this step.

You also need to spend more time outside. Natural sunlight has an important role in the synthesis of Vitamin D. With our modern jobs we may be stuck in front of a screen for most hours, but this is not how humans lived for thousands of years.

One of the purest approaches to biohacking leads back to eating the foods of our ancestors. The paleo diet seems close to what is recommended at biohacking conferences. The diet involves only foods which were eaten by our grandparents. This can be taken further to eat what is only on the ground on animals which can be hunted. Of course, this approach may not maximize your nutrient needs.

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  1. Grinders and the scientific part of biohacking

An extreme version of biohacking goes beyond the regular steps of improving your body. Biohacking grinders go further by experimenting on their bodies. These groups focus on developing body-enhancements such magnetic implants. Many of these experiments find their roots into cyborg theory. Cybernetics, engineering and computer engineering play an important role for grinders as they take basic human limits and work with them to implement futuristic technologies.

There are some arguments in the community which find these types of experiments to be outside of the law. But since most grinders experience biohacking on themselves, it may be difficult to draw a line on what is ethically correct and what is not.

Biohacking at its highest, scientific, level is a combination of technology and the human body to either improve or replace vital or non-vital functions. In a world where technology is gaining more and more time in our lives, it is natural to try and implement it to our advantage. This means sometimes scientists take things into their own hacks and this is how biohacking has started.

Guide to Biohacking
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