Weider Speedweight Adjustable Dumbbells – A Must Have For Fitness Enthusiasts

Dumbbells are one of the most useful pieces of workout equipment in this modern era. You can perform various types of exercises with the help of dumbbells. The dumbbell plates are available in different weights. In order to ensure that you do not have to waste time in searching for the right plate, it is always recommended to keep your dumbbells and the weight plates in a proper order. However, very few people actually follow such instructions. The end result is a sheer waste of time in between workout schedules. This is one of the primary factors behind the rising popularity of adjustable dumbbells.

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Weider Speedweight Adjustable Dumbbells – What Is It and What Are Its Features

An adjustable dumbbell is a piece of workout equipment, which comes with multiple plates of different weights put together on a dumbbell bar. It has an interior selector mechanism, which helps you choose the right weights in order to perform your exercises. The chosen weights remain on the bar, whereas, the remaining plates are released after proper selection. It picks and releases weights at the click of the selector. Such dumbbells are highly useful, since you do not have to waste time in searching for suitable weight plates and you do not need much space to store an adjustable dumbbell.

Weider, one of the most reputed manufacturers of fitness equipment, has come up with its version of adjustable dumbbells. These workout equipment are designed for home use and are made with utmost safety and caution. There are several features of the Weider Speedweight Adjustable Dumbbells discussed below.

  1. There are 2 sets of dumbbells, each weighing 50 pounds. These come with several weight plates, adjustable in increments of 5 pounds. Weights can be adjusted from 15 pounds to 50 pounds each. This makes the dumbbells highly useful for users from different levels of fitness. Whether you are a first timer or a regular, Weider Speedweight Adjustable Dumbbells are suitable for all.
  2. The Weider Speedweight Adjustable Dumbbells comes with its own storage stand. This makes it very simple for you to store the equipment when not in use. It makes your room clutter free and also saves your time in choosing the suitable weight plates for your daily workout routine.
  3. There may be times when you may have to spend several hours exercising with dumbbells. During those times, you may experience pain in your hands and arms. This possibility does not arise with Weider Speedweight Adjustable Dumbbells. These come with hand grips, which are ergonomically designed.
  4. You get 3 DVDs with the product, which will teach you about 6 different workouts possible with the Weider Speedweight Adjustable Dumbbells.
  5. The Weider Speedweight Adjustable Dumbbells has 8 weight settings and the weight plates are made of cast iron.Pull Up Bars

These are several other features of the Weider Speedweight Adjustable Dumbbells. If you are planning to buy adjustable dumbbells for your personal use, better compare a few good models, before you make the final decision.

Weider SpeedWeight Adjustable Dumbbells
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