Nootropics are used to define a new class of supplements and drugs that are intended to boost brain function. The ingredients contained in these products may be synthetic (man-made) or naturally occurring.

The main aim of nootropics is to:

– Act as a stimulant to improve brain function.

– Improve memory retention.

– Enhance mental focus and concentration.

– Protect the brain.

– Assist the brain in coping with stressful situations.

– Enhance the function of neurons.

However, no drug or supplement currently available on the market can fulfill all these requirements in one dose. In most cases, a nootropic is designed to meet only one or two of these brain-boosting properties.

There is also a great misconception regarding this class of supplements or drugs. Nootropics simply cannot make you smarter or increase intelligence. They simply enhance brain function and protect the brain from damage related to injuries, stress, and aging.

On the other hand, some nootropics have been shown to halt or even reverse some damage that may occur due to certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s. This is mainly due to the protective properties of the ingredients as well as the ability to stimulate brain function.

An example of a common naturally occurring stimulant that is contained in many of these types of supplements is caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant that increases brain function for a short period of time. However, the after effects of this socially acceptable stimulant often result in lethargy and reduced brain function that can cause an inability to concentrate or function. Too much caffeine can overstimulate the brain with the same results.

Examples of synthetic nootropics are drugs that are designed to treat ADHD patients. In a person suffering from ADHD, these drugs enable the patient to reach what is regarded as normal levels of concentration and focus. In people not suffering from ADHD, the effects result in increased concentration, focus, memory retention and learning ability.

However, there are severe side effects to taking these types of synthetic nootropics that can have short and long-term health consequences. There is also a growing black market for illegal trade in these drugs, mostly among students who require the medication to cope with the pressure required to achieve the best results in school and other educational environments.

In general, nootropics provide new and exciting breakthroughs in improving brain function in a variety of different ways. Unfortunately, not enough is known about the ingredients that are used, especially in natural supplements, and how they actually work to improve brain function.

However, most research has shown some improvement in brain function among participants in studies into different nootropics. Not all participants report an improvement and the effects are not the same in each individual.

In essence, much more research needs to go into the area of nootropics before a medical consensus can be reached as to their efficacy. The good news is that most natural supplements designed to boost brain function have no side effects and it is, therefore, safe to try them. To learn more about the best nootropic supplements visit The Nootropics Review’s website.


What Are Nootropics?
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