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Simply put, Alpha Brain is a nootropic “stack” – meaning it’s a mix of different supplements combined in a pill – that helps enhance focus, memory and learning ability by improving the delivery and supply of oxygen and nutrients to your brain. Known as the top of its kind in the alphabrainUnited States, AlphaBrain, which is manufactured by Onnit, includes patented Alpha GPC formula and Huperzine A compound. Alpha GPC contains choline and Vinpocetine that aid in improving blood flow to the brain while Huperzine A helps promote the body’s natural production of acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter that enhances the brain’s capacity and ability to absorb, process, store, and recall information.  We take a deep look in our ONNIT Alpha Brain Review.

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How is ONNIT Alpha Brain Different from other Nootropics?

For one, this cognitive-enhancing supplement that’s made of “scientifically tested Earth grown ingredients” is definitely NOT one of those low-quality and low-priced nootropic supplements that have not gone through required and necessary testing nor have scientific evidence to back up their claims.

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As a genuine high-quality stack, Alpha Brain has been proven and tested to have what it takes to deliver on its promise of a well-balanced nootropic experience that’s characterized by improved focus, memory, intelligence or learning abilities.

Another difference is that it doesn’t contain racetams, which are scientifically proven to be potent brain-enhancing supplements that you can also stack with ONNIT Alpha Brain for optimum results in terms of enhanced cognitive facilities.

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What are the benefits of taking Alpha Brain?

As a stack supplement that’s packed with different ingredients and compounds that complement and optimize each other’s potential brain-enhancing capacity by making available adequate supply of nutrients and oxygen for the brain, Onnit Alpha Brain is definitely something, which you can largely benefit from in a lot of ways.

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  1. Improved blood flow, and enhanced cognitive abilities

Each ingredient in this stack supplement plays a vital role in how the Alpha Brain works to improve our brain’s ability to focus, and to learn new things. With enough supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain as well as increased level of acetylcholine, you’ll improve your brain’s plasticity and expand your capacity and ability to concentrate on tasks, and to absorb, retain, and recall information.

  1. Improved sleep pattern and stress-management capacity

Alpha Brain also contains calming and relaxing ingredients that help reduce and fight stress so you can sleep better, get adequate rest, and wake up feeling fully recharged and ready to face the new day’s challenges. With improved sleep pattern, you can also boost your immune system against stress-related diseases.

  1. Alpha Brain Lucid Dream

With training and with the aid of ONNIT Alpha Brain, you may enhance your capacity for lucid dreaming, and your ability to control your thoughts and movement while you’re in a dreamy state.

So if you want a sharper mind, greater ability to handle stress, and better sleeping pattern for improved quality of health and life, then Onnit Alpha Brain is something you may opt to try and consider.

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ONNIT Alpha Brain Review
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