XMark XM-4439 Three Tier Dumbbell Rack Review

The XMark XM-4439 Three Tier Dumbbell Rack represents a heavy-duty solution for home or commercial gyms. Made from durable materials, the rack will prove to be one of the most interesting options when it comes to performing at the highest level in terms of weight capacity and storage. The three levels of the rack will recommend it as one of the top options when trying to stack the weights either at home or in commercial gyms.


  • Three levels
  • 550lbs weight capacity
  • Rubber feet


  • Paint might peel in time


When you are looking for a dumbbell rack there are not many characteristics you need to follow. The best part is that a basic rack will do its job most if times. The bad news is that if it doesn’t it is usually already too late. Thus, you will be able to find the right product for your needs. You will be glad to know that XMark’s rack comes with a 550lbs weight capacity. This will allow it to work as one of the best solutions when looking for a good weight capacity.

When you have multiple dumbbell sets, you will look for a solution to keep them off the floor, mainly for space and safety reasons. This is why the rack can represent a good option even for the larger dumbbells as it comes with three shelves to store your weights one. With a simple design which can be placed against a wall, it represents one of the interesting options when it comes to heavy-duty performance.


The design of the rack follows a simple approach. This recommends it for any room or gym. You can either place it against a wall, corner or even a mirror. A good tip here is to keep it at a good distance away from the mirror as you want to avoid possible accidents. It might also be worth investing into a rubber mat to place underneath the rack.

The legs of the rack come with the rubber material which will limit their impact on the floor, especially in the long-term. The best solution is to ensure the rack is not placed on surfaces which could easily get damaged, such as wooden surfaces.

The XMark XM-4439 Three Tier Dumbbell Rack represents one of the recommended solutions when looking for a quick and efficient method to store your entire dumbbells one. With a lip of 1 3/4”, you will be able to store a large number of weights on the shelves, even the rare 50lbs pairs. The rack comes with a weight capacity of 550lbs which recommends it for most users and most gyms. It will not be easy to move with the weight on and this is why you should find the best location for the rack from the beginning, before adding all the dumbbells on the shelves. With the rubber feet, it will also prove to represent the right option in terms of stability.

XMark XM-4439 Three Tier Dumbbell Rack Review
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