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Once there was a young boy who loved playing football. The boy’s name is Mike Westerdal and, at a young age of fifteen, he realized that for him to reach his goals and develop his confidence, he needed to build his upper body mass and strength. With the help and guidance of his football coach who was also a bench training believer, he learned some muscle-building techniques. However, he also felt that he ought to dig deeper and discover the mystery behind a perfect muscular tone and physique as well as how to increase bench press. And every knowledge and technique he was able to unearth, you’ll find in what’s now known as The Critical Bench Program.critical bench program

What is the Critical Bench Program?critical bench review

Basically, it’s a 10-week program that features bench exercises utilizing increased weight all throughout the program’s duration. It demonstrates the proper way of pressing the weight for optimum results. The techniques are mainly aimed at building the program user’s upper body mass and strength by spending 4 or 5 days at the bench while increasing on a steady basis the weight lifted, and by spending at least one hour on the user’s customized program.

What’s the principle behind Critical Bench?

The Program was based on a theory that progressively stressing your body by consistently and steadily increasing the amount of weight you lift would naturally condition your body to gain strength and build muscles. The more muscles you have, the more calories you’ll burn, and the stronger and leaner your physique will be. Mike also found out that fixed routine workouts don’t generate enough stress to promote growth hormone production, which is necessary for building muscles fast.

What’s included in the Critical Bench Program?critical bench program review

The program has three critical components. The first component is the Master Manual, which is a detailed instruction book composed of six parts. It includes weightlifting terminology, information on nutrition and supplements, a section on having the proper mindset, safe workout tips, a section explaining the program’s theory and sequence, among others. The second component includes Customized Training Logs and Weekly Progress Tracking to help you customize your workout plan based on your training needs. The third component is a DVD of bench press fundamentals featuring professional weightlifters sharing some valuable tips and techniques.critical bench

Apart from the Master Manual, the Customized Training Logs, and Bench Press Basics DVD, the Critical Bench Program also comes with additional material on body-building basics and myths. It also comes with instructional videos on the exercises. Bonuses include “The Critical Deloa Routine”, “Critical Conversations with Elite Iron Warriors”, “Critical Exercise Guide” and “InDepth Report on Creatine’s Usage in Sports.”

What are its advantages?

The Critical Bench Program has several advantages and some of these include the practicality and simplicity of the equipment you’ll need such as a weight bench, dumbbells and a barbell, the accessibility of the eBooks and trackers, which you can readily download upon purchase, and the wealth of valuable knowledge and information you’ll get for a very affordable price.

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