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Most of you probably have a home gym for your personal use. Traditional workout machines such as treadmills, elliptical trainers, and exercise bikes must be a part of your home gym. Although these are great and highly useful workout equipment to tone different parts of your body, wouldn’t it be nice to have an exercise machine, which can give you a complete body workout? Something like a rower machine can be a great investment for fitness enthusiasts. However, one major factor may be stopping you from buying such an equipment. Shortage of available space in your home gym can prove to be a major hindrance. Well, in such a case a compact rower machine can be a safer option.

best compact rowing machine

What Is A Compact Rowing Machine?compact rower machine

A compact rower machine, also sometimes called rowing machine, is basically used to simulate the similar action of watercraft rowing. The primary purpose of using this machine is to train for rowing and to exercise. There are several health benefits of using this equipment. Firstly, it helps you to lose weight at a very fast pace. Secondly, it is a great form of aerobic exercises. Thirdly, it provides a complete body workout by toning both your lower and upper body parts. Lastly, it also provides a low-impact cardio exercise.

Best Compact Rower Machine – Featurescompact rower

The market is flooded with several types of rowing machines. Some come with tons of features, some are large in size and some are packed with just the right number of features. When you decide to buy such a machine for your personal use at home, better stick to a budget. It may so happen that you may get attracted towards a rower, which is big and feature rich. Usually such machines are meant for commercial uses and will prove to be a waste of money for you. Thus, a compact rower machine with just the right features is what you should look for at a store. Here are some of the features to look in a compact sized rower machine.

  1. Comfortable Seat: When you use a rowing machine, you have to sit and exercise. Your workout session on this machine may take up quite some time. Thus, it is very important for the seat to be soft and comfortable. Always look for a rowing machine which comes with a nicely padded seat. It should be big and comfortable so that your back and waist do not start to pain after spending a few minutes on the machine.
  2. Large Number of Resistance: If you perform the same sets of exercises every day, your body tends to get accustomed to the resistance. As a result of this, the positive effects of your exercises also get reduced with time. The best option is to choose a rower which comes with a large range of resistance. A machine with a resistance ranging from 10 and above is always a better choice than any other rower. You can easily switch to a higher resistance if you feel that the previous resistance level is not helping your body get stronger than before.
  3. Adjustable Height: Not every user is of similar height. If the rower you choose is going to be used by every family member at home, then it should have the height adjustable feature. This will help you alter the height of the machine to suit users of different heights. If this feature is missing, then it may pose a problem, especially for tall people.
  4. Large Foot Pedals: There are several types of rowing machines in the market, which come with small sized foot pedals. It is usually seen that exercising on such machines may make your feet lose its grip. This may prove dangerous and lead to injuries. Thus, always ensure that you choose a rower with large sized foot pedals. This will ensure that you do not lose your grip on them even if you work out at full speed.
  5. Proper Display Monitor: No matter which workout machine you decide to buy, it is always better to choose one with a proper display monitor. A good quality display will always allow you to get crucial information about your workouts on the machine such as total calories burnt, time spent, and similar data. If you do not get such data, then it may not motivate you to exercise properly on the machine.
  6. Smooth Glide Motion: Using a rowing machine gives you a complete body workout. It exercises different muscle groups in your body and if not done the right way may cause serious injuries to various joints in your body. The best solution is to choose a rower which has a smooth gliding motion. This will help you avoid various workout related injuries.
  7. Light Weight And Space Saving: It may so happen that in your search for the best compact sized rower, you get attracted towards a big machine. Although such a machine may be filed with various features, it will be very heavy and large for your home gym. While searching for a perfect rowing machine for your personal use at home, always make sure to choose one which is light weight and space saving. This will help you move the machine around your room and also avoid making the room look untidy.

best compact rower

When you decide to buy a compact rowing machine, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, the frequency of using the machine. Secondly, the number of users of the machine. Thirdly, your budget to buy the machine. Fourthly, available space at home. Lastly, the features you wish to have in your machine. It is always a good idea to compare a few good rowing machines so that you get an idea about the best in the market. Do read about user feedback so that you can understand the pros and cons of different models. Avoid taking hasty decisions and always take your time to buy a compact rower machine so that you do not have any complaints in the future.

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