rower seat padRower Seat Pad – A Must Have For Serious Rowers

The rowing machine is one of the best when it comes to a full body workout. Although your entire body feels the strain while working out on a rowing machine, there is one part of your body which feels tons of pressure being hammered on it. You got it right, it is your butt! If you use the rowing machine for a long time on a daily basis, you may invariably feel a pain on your butt. However, the best way to avoid such pains is to use a good quality rower seat pad. These pads are so designed to provide your butt with a much needed comfort as your body works out on the machine.

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How Does A Rowing Seat Pad Help You?

If you use a rowing seat pad while using your rowing machine at home or at the gym, you stand a good chance of enjoying a lot of benefits. Some of these benefits have been discussed here under for your knowledge.rowing seat pad

  1. Avoid Saddle Sores: If you take a good look at the seat of your rowing machine, you will notice that the material used for the seat is basically a substitute for leather. This material has a tendency of sticking to your legs and causing saddle sores. This mainly happens due to friction between your skin and the seat during workout on the rowing machine. If you use a rowing seat pad, you can easily avoid such saddle sores. These pads are made from a material that feels like silk on your skin.
  2. Better Chance of Avoiding Pain on Your Butt: It is needless to say that the seat of your rowing machine has a limited amount of padding. If you work out on the machine for longer hours, this padding may get flattened under your body weight. This may eventually give rise to pains on your butt. Add a rowing seat pad to the exiting seat of the machine and you can easily avoid butt pains and complete your workout routines easily and painlessly.
  3. Comfortable Workout: If you work out for longer hours on your rowing machine, you will invariably feel a little discomfort around your butt region. This may be due to limited padding on the seat. It is needless to say that rowing requires a lot of energy and endurance. If you feel discomfort in any part of your body, then you may not be able to concentrate on your exercises. The best way to overcome this issue is to use a rowing machine seat pad while you use the rowing machine.

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rowing seat pad reviewThere are various types of rowing seat pads available in the market. It is always a good idea to choose the best for your use so that it lasts long and you get the best possible comfort from the pad. Do some research about the various seat pads available in the market, so that you can get a better idea about choosing the best. If needed you may also discuss with your personal trainer at the gym.

Rower Seat Pad Review
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