Best Rowing Machine Under $1500 for 2018

The Best Rowing Machine Under 1500 is a powerful solution to your full body workouts. It represents a great starting point for an improved physical condition. Even more, it is one of the few recommended solutions when it comes to a low-impact workout. It comes to meet your cardiovascular workout needs and within the budget, it manages to offer an impressive performance which recommends it even for the advanced user.

Since you will be investing in the best rowing machine, you need to know a few basic characteristics which help you make a better decision and which are also the foundation to any great rowing machine. Since there are so many options on the market, it is important to see which of these characteristics are most important to you.

How to choose the Best Rowing Machine?

Choosing the best rowing machine is thus best on some basic characteristics which the manufactures use to stand out from the competition. A durable frame, a smart digital display, a smooth rowing experience and the right resistance are very important when it comes to the ultimate experience.

Durable Frame

When it comes to choosing a good rowing machine, you need to start by looking for a design with a durable frame. The weight capacity of the rowing machines is advertised by the manufacturer and can be up to 300lbs or even more, depending on each model.

This means that the frame needs to be able to hold any users and since there are some great foldable designs as well, they also need to come with a similar weight capacity. The good news is that there are plenty of great choices to work with and you are able to find a design which is both space-saving and can handle various weights.

The frame also influences the look of the rower. Thus, you will find that most rowing machines come with an aluminum frame which can have its natural look or which can be painted. If you are concerned about the look of your home gym, then you can even choose the right color for your needs. But generally speaking, the frame’s primary purpose is to support the user and to provide the right rail support for the movement of the seat.

Digital Display

A digital display is very important in this budget. This is where you control all the functions and settings of the rowing machine. One of the times when you need to use it comes at the beginning of the workout where you can select simple rowing or even interval or distance-based rowing. This is a simple method to ensure you improve your overall performance on the machine.

Even more, it is also important to understand that not all digital displays are the same. Some offer more complex data and can even show you the calories you burn. Some displays even come with the possibility of connecting and transferring data to your smartphone and this means that you are then able to find a great solution when it comes to a design which is easy to work with in terms of tracking your performance. Advanced options also allow you to set different users which means that you can maximize your performance and the one of other family members simply by finding the right approach when it comes to user profiles management.

Smooth Rowing

Smooth rowing is essential as it impact your overall experience more than any other characteristic. It can be achieved both with the nylon and the chain transmission and it can be seen in any type of resistance, be it air or magnetic choices. You are thus free to choose a good option for your rowing needs simply by looking at a solution which is easy to use for you.

But rowing quality is also influenced by durability as well. This is where the best rowing machines are able to maintain their rowing feel even for years. This means that if you are interested in a complex approach for years to come, you may even benefit from choosing one of the durable options on the market, even in the detriment of other functionalities.

Air vs. Magnetic Resistance

There is an increasing debate over the types of resistance which are recommended for the best performance. Today’s market hosts air, magnetic and even water resistance machines. In truth, air resistance can be cheaper to produce and this is why the final product may also be more affordable. But for the average home user, this should not represent a problem and this is why you need to ensure you actually find the right design in terms of your needs and not necessarily based on the resistance technology.

The type of resistance should be a main concern with a small group of users which usually involve athletes or other sports professionals which need to work within exact parameters to improve their rowing skills. But for the average user, it is actually recommended to go through the learning curve and even experience different resistance technologies. Many commercial gyms use rowing machines with a combination of air and magnetic resistance and they provide a great workout for all the gym-goers. So which are the best options to consider?

Top 5 Rowing Machines Under $1500

Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

The Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 represents one of the best options when it comes to performance. This is why it is so popular with fans all over the world. It represents a good option for home and even commercial use and this is why it can be considered both by the new and experienced users. The rower comes with the PM5 monitor which offers you all the workout data you need for the best performance. Even more, it manages to impress with its good functionality and with an impressive weight load capacity, it is also a durable solution.


  • PM5 monitor
  • 500lbs weight
  • Stores in two pieces


  • Not easy to transport

The rowing machine thus represents a top solution when it comes to full body workouts and with the help of the PM5 computer and monitor, you are also able to keep track of your performance. The machine is also a great choice when it comes to the rowing position as it offers good elevation and an ergonomic handlebar which ensures reduced stress on your wrists.

Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine

The Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine comes with a foldable design and it represents one of the few solutions which can be used when it comes to workout variation. This is why it has 15 preset programs to choose from. These programs also integrate the 16 magnetic resistance levels which provide a solid performance even for the dedicated users.


  • 15 preset programs
  • 16 magnetic resistance levels
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Not easy to fold

The rowing machine also comes with a folding design which makes it a recommended solution when it comes to training with intensity and when you want to ensure good space-saving abilities if you train at home. With a good selection of cardio programs, you are able to find extra motivation to workout eery day or at least a few times per week.

WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor

The WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor comes with an impressive design. Made from stained oak, it comes with a strong and distinct wooden frame. Even more, it manages to offer an impressive overall performance when you want to find the right solution for your smooth rowing. This is where the water resistance will be the closest experience you can have outside actual water rowing.


  • Premium feel
  • Water resistance
  • Stained oak


  • Not for all users

The rowing machine thus represents a distinct solution and it is recommended to those who want to find the right approach when it comes to a special feel. With a water resistance mechanism, it manages to offer one of the most impressive performances and this is why it can be recommended when you need to follow a top rowing training routine. Used by athletes, it provides the smooth and precise rowing which can only be achieved with water resistance.

Kettler Home Exercise/Fitness Equipment

With biomechanically correct footpedals, the Kettler Home Exercise/Fitness Equipment represents a top solution when it comes to a modern design. Even more, it proves to be a great option for people with leg pain. The rowing machine offers a padded seat which can add to its comfort level. Using the LCD display, you can ensure you are always up to date with your performance.


  • 12 preset programs
  • Padded seat
  • LCD display


  • Not for advanced users

The rowing machine represents a solid option when it comes to covering all the essentials of a full body workout. While it doesn’t stand out in any perspective, it manages to offer one of the few good performances which make it highly appealing to those who want to train every day and who don’t need extra functionalities as long as they can train with a magnetic resistance mechanism with 12 preset programs.

First Degree Fitness Apollo Pro II Rowing Machine

The First Degree Fitness Apollo Pro II Rowing Machine represents a premium option which can be used be people of all skill levels. It manages to impress with its overall functionality and impressive frame. Even more, once you try water resistance it is hard to go back to the magnetic or air resistance rowers. The machine thus represent a great option when it comes to weight capacity as it can handle users of up to 330lbs.


  • Hand-lacquered finish
  • Wooden frame
  • Water resistance


  • Display placed to the side

The rowing machine comes as an elegant option and one of the premium designs on the list. For this purpose it manages to offer an impressive overall performance which is hard to match when it comes to the smoothness of the experience. With a durable and hand-finished frame, it will stand out in any gym or home with its high standard and distinct look which reminds of premium solutions once used in the history of the sport. With such a high appeal, it is a great solution for added levels of control with its water resistance design.


Choosing the Best Rowing Machine Under $1500 is not as easy when you have a considerable budget since you have so many options to choose from. This is why it is really worth to consider which type of resistance you want to go with. The combination of magnetic and air resistance are still the first choice for users at this level. Water resistance might be a better option for sports people while air resistance might be a practical solution if you don’t mind the increased noise.

For most users, the Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine (CHECK BEST PRICE HERE) represents the best solution. It is this rowing machine which comes with the full control of the PM5 computer and with a large and stable design, it can be used at home or in the gym without any concerns.

With a 20inch seat height, you ensure you have a comfortable rowing position which is hard to match when it comes to a good position which is easy to maintain even with long workouts. This is facilitated by the high beam design which is also strong enough to hold most users.

When it comes to storage or transportation, you can separate the rowing machine into two pieces. While this may not be the best solution for those who want to train every day, it can be a solution when you don’t have a dedicated gym room and you need to clear the area when you have guests coming over. Even more, this makes it more manageable to transport if you have a commercial gym and need to use it or different events. With such versatility, it is hard to match in this segment.

Best Rowing Machine Under $1500 in 2018
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