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Daily exercise is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy for years. Doctors and many experts believe that even if you give an hour to your body, it will help you lead a healthy and normal life. It is often seen that performing similar exercises everyday can lead to monotony. Imagine doing the same number of chin ups on a daily basis. It will not just make you feel bored, your body will also get used to the workout. Thus, it is very important that you set new targets for your body and also push yourself to achieve the said goal. This is one of the reasons behind regular exercisers using a Dip Belt while performing chin ups or dips. These are basically additional weights which are tied around your waist. It helps to push your body to higher resistance levels during your workout sessions.

Top 4 Best Weighted Dip Belt

Spud Inc Dip Belt - TOP PICK
Harbinger Polypro Weight Dip Belt
Brute Belt
Grizzly Dip Belt

The Best of the Weighted Best Dip Belts

It is also important you have some knowledge about some of the Best Dip Belt available in the market. This will help you buy the right one without wasting much of your time and money.

#1 – Harbinger Polypro Weight Dip Belt

Weighted Dip BeltThe Harbinger Polypro Dip Belt is one of the best in the market (AMAZON’S CHOICE) and is quite sturdy and durable. It is made out of polypropylene and comes with a 30 inche long chain to help you clip on your weights safely and securely. This product is especially designed to help you put on weights during your dips and pull ups. The midsection of the belt is wide enough to fit against your waist and back.

  • Designed to contour to your body for excellent comfort and fit
  • Strong and Durable – Polypropylene
  • Steel chain with handy clip to make change outs a breeze
  • Use for Dips and Chin-Ups
  • Adjustable – same belt will fit whoever is wearing it no matter their size

Dip Belt With Chain

#2 – Spud Inc Dip Belt

ironmind dip beltThe Spud Inc Dip Belt is made out of soft materials which provide comfort even if you work out wearing the belt for longer hours. The durable webbing used to make this belt can easily carry great weights to help you with your chin ups and dips. Even with so much weight around your waist, the belt will make you feel quite secure and comfortable. This belt comes with a 35 inches long chain, which is great news if you wish to add more weights to the belt.

  • Built for serious weight
  • Accommodates many weights with 35″ design
  • 10 in x 6 in pad for your back
  • Durable

Spud Inc Dip Belt

#3 – Brute Belt

dip belt amazonWith the use of a non-conventional material to make this belt, it is designed a bit differently. The military grade materials used to manufacture this dip belt, help it too carry a great amount of belt with ease. Unlike other belts, this one is very soft on your body and helps you feel very comfortable during your workouts.  If it wasn’t for the higher price tag this one might just be NUMBER ONE.

  • The technology is proprietary to Brute
  • 40 in strap gets the weights where you need them easily
  • strongest most durable on the market
  • Pull-ups, Dips, Squats and more
  • Padded

dip weight belt

#4 – Grizzly Dip Belt

The Grizzly Dip Belt is made of leather and is a good choice based on the cost and the quality construction of the belt. This is the “oldie but goodie” style belt.  Dip Belt

  • Leather Dip Belt
  • Steel chain that snaps closed
  • one belt fits everyone
  • Size adjusts

polypro dip belt

Types of Weighted Dip Belts

Before you even think of buying a new dip belt for your regular exercises, it is very important that you have an idea about the various types available in the market. Here is an insight into the several varieties of dip belts in any store.

  1. Leather: If you speak about dip belts, the first thing that hits your mind is leather. Speak to any professional body builder and you will be told that leather dip belts provide great support to adequate amount of weights for every person. Leather, as a material, offers excellent support to the wearer and can also withstand any amount of wear and tear. These dip belts are usually padded, which helps a wearer during his workout.
  2. Nylon: In the world of exercises, nylon dip belts are comparatively a new entrant. However, the popularity of nylon made dip belts are alarmingly high due to their astounding weight carrying capacity and superb fitting. You will find nylon dip belts quite comfortable and can carry hundreds of weights with ease.

Weight Belts

Factors to Consider While Shopping For Dip Belts

Even if the market is filled with either leather or nylon dip belts, many buyers get confused as to how to choose the right one. There are certain factors to consider while shopping for a suitable dip belt for your personal use.

  • Weight Connecting Factor: Most of the dip belts available in the market come with a weight hanging factor. The weights hang with the help of a chain, which is connected to either sides of belt to both the sides. If it is the latter, then the weights are connected with the help of a carabiner. This, in turn, is connected to D-rings, which are sewn in the dip belt. It is seen that such belts are beneficial since it allows you to remove or add weights, as and when required, in between sets.
  • Fitting: Usually dip belts come with a common fitting which is suitable for most of the users. However, if you are thinner than normal, then it is better to use belts which can be adjusted as per your frame. These will be more comfortable than universal fitting belts. It is better to wear a dip belt with some amount of weights attached, so that you can decide whether to buy it or look for some other option.
  • Warranty and Price: Unlike several other products, costlier dip belts are better than cheaper ones. They provide better support and utmost comfort. Even if your costly belt breaks after prolonged usage, it will come with proper manufacturer’s warranty to safeguard your monetary investment.
  • Capacity to Carry Weight: Usually dip belts can carry a huge amount of weight. However, if you are looking for something which can carry more weight than other dip belts, then you will have to check the weight capacity of each belt unless you finally find the one you wanted. In general, the weight capacity of each dip belt is enough for any individual.

There are many other dipping belts available in the market. If you are planning to buy one, it is better to find out as much as possible about it. This will help you avoid any type of confusion while shopping. You may also seek some advises from your gym instructor or some friend, who loves to workout to stay fit. Since a good quality Dip Belt will help you with your exercises, it is always suggested to take your time while shopping for the right one.

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Best Weighted Dip Belt Reviews
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