Weighted Clothing – A Useful and Effective Way to Get Back In Shape

If you are a member of a fitness club, you must have seen people doing their exercises wearing special clothing with inbuilt weights (wearable weights) around their body. These garments are known as Weighted Clothing or Weighted Training Clothes. Whether you wish to enhance your stamina at the gym or lose that unwanted body fat or even build up your body strength, weighted clothing can be of great importance during your workouts. These garments can help you build your bone mass and even tone up your body muscles. Apart from workout benefits, it has also been proven that weighted clothing can be of great use to calm small autistic kids. The weights can be easily adjusted to suit your requirement and can also be worn when you go out for your normal daily schedule.

Types of Weighted Clothing

When you talk about weighted clothing, you probably just think about those which can be worn around your body. However, there are several types of weight clothes available in the market. Some of these have been discussed below to enhance your knowledge.

Weighted Gloves

Weighted ClothesYou can find specially designed weighted gloves available in the market, which can be worn during your aerobic classes or during your cardio exercises. Martial artists and numerous boxers also wear such gloves for their training purposes. If you wish to increase your hand speed and also tone the muscles of your arms, then weighted gloves will prove to be of great importance. These products help during your upper body workouts by increasing resistance. Usually these gloves have weights attached at the back of the hand. This helps to free your palms to push, grip or pull when required. Sometimes you may find it tough to find the right type of weighted gloves which fits your hand properly. However, once you manage to find such gloves, the benefits can be huge. Most of these products come with fixed weights ranging from a minimum of 1lbs to a maximum of 6lbs.

Weight Vest For Running

Weighted Shirt

Weight JacketCombine a weighted vest and a compression shirt and you get a weighted shirt. When you wear such a garment, the shirt adjusts the weights to fit your body structure and fit. Due to the presence of weights inside the shirt, you do not feel much strain on your joints. These weights are in perfect line with all the major groups of muscles in your upper body, which helps to reduce strain on your joints. This is also the prime reason behind the natural movement of your limbs even after wearing such a garment. The material used to manufacture this shirt helps to soak your perspiration and the anti-bacterial agent helps to get rid of any body odor. Thus, your body remains cool and fresh for longer.

Weighted Clothing

Weighted Vests – Weight Jacket

Weighted Running VestWeighted Vest (also known as Weight Jacket) are highly adjustable and provide resistance to your entire body together with an even distribution of several weights all around your chest. These vests can also be used for small kids suffering from sensory disorders. The hugging sensation provided by these vests can help such kids relax and calm down. Multiple pockets are sewn on this product, which hold several types of removable weights. In some vests, you can also put in silicone or sand to add on to the weight. It is better to look for weighted vests which are made from breathable materials. This helps to maintain a cool temperature for your body during your regular workouts.

Running Weight Vest

Weighted Arm Sleeves

Weighted ClothesIf you are aiming at increasing your arm speed and strength, then opting for weighted arm sleeves will be a good idea. These provide adequate amount of weight around your forearms so as to avoid any form of injuries to your elbows or shoulders. Usually sprinters, baseball players, and golfers use these weighted arm sleeves. When you wear this product around your forearm, make sure to fasten it securely at the bottom and top sides of the sleeves. Most of these sleeves do not have any material around the elbow region, thus, allowing your elbows to fold freely.

Weight Vest For Running

Weighted Belts

Running With Ankle WeightsThese are specially designed padded belts, which are attached to your waistline. These come with pockets which are used to hold weights. These weights can be increased or decreased as per your requirement. Sometimes you will find people preferring to wear weights belts rather than weights vests. It is simply because the belts do not stick to your upper body as the core temperature rises. The weighted belts also allow a smoother movement of your arms in comparison to weighted vests. However, the belts may play a major role in restricting the movement of your abdomen in some workouts.

Weight Vest For Running

Wrist Weights – Weighted Bracelets or Wristbands

Weighted BraceletsMany people prefer to wear wrist weights during their workouts rather than using dumbbells or any other hand held weights. These weights help to free your hands and can be worn for longer hours quite easily. Many materials are used to manufacture such products such as Velcro bands with multiple pockets for carrying weights. Dancers, boxers, and martial artists use these wrist weights during their workout routines. Wrist weights are one of the best options to enhance strength in your shoulders, triceps, and biceps. The weights of these products vary from 1lbs to 20 lbs.

Weighted Vest For Running

Ankle Weights

Weighted BackpackThese are one of the most popular forms of weights worn around the ankle region. Ankle Weights range from a minimum of 1lbs to a maximum of 20lbs and help to increase resistance while running or simply walking. Wear it during your treadmill workouts (ankle weights for running) and witness the improvement of your leg strength with time. You can also wear them when you do pull-ups or dips. Do make sure not to wear ankle weights for longer hours since it may cause immense stress to your ligaments.

Weighted Pants

Weighted Leg Sleeves

Just like your weighted arm sleeves, you also get weighted leg sleeves. These add resistance to the lower portion of your legs and are extremely useful while running or jogging. Commonly known as shin sleeves, you will find many martial artists wearing them for their training. This is simply because these add weights to your legs without interfering with their free movements. Always look for weights leg sleeves made from an anti-bacterial material in order to prevent irritation to your skin. The weights of these products range from 1lb to 6lbs. the Velcro straps prevent the sleeves from slipping during your workouts.

Shoe Weights

Ankle Weights For RunningIf you wish to add resistance to your feet to help you with increased running speed, then wearing shoe weights will be a good option. These shoes are perfect for any type of low impact training and can burn calories faster than normal. Shoe weights can also enhance your endurance and strength. The weight in these shoes usually wrap around your ankles and also below your feet.

Weight Vest For Running

How To Choose The Best Weighted Clothing?

There are several types of weighted clothing available in the market. Their price tags also vary to some extent and the materials used in the manufacture of such garments may not be the same all the time. There are several factors to remember while shopping for the best-weighted clothing for yourself.

  1. Concentrate on Specific Body Parts: As discussed above, there are various types of weighted clothing meant to be worn on different sections of your body. Before you decide to shop for such garments, make sure that you know which body part you wish to concentrate upon. If you wish to enhance the strength of your upper torso, then opting for weighted vests or weighted shirts will be a good idea. For your lower torso, going for ankle weights or weighted leg sleeves will be highly convenient. In case you wish to strengthen your arms, then buy a good quality weights arm sleeves or wrist weights.
  2. Material Used To Make The Product: There are various types of materials used to manufacture different types of weighted garments. However, all the materials may not be suitable for every user. If you have a sensitive skin, then buy those products made from anti-bacterial materials. These will prevent the growth of bacterial on your skin and thus avoid skin rashes. If you are planning to wear a specific weighted clothing for longer hours, then opting for one made from breathable materials will be a good idea. This will help to keep your body cool during your workouts.
  3. Budget: Different types of weighted garments come with different price tags. Not every user can afford costly products. This is why always keep a budget in mind so that you know how much you can afford when it comes to buying such garments. There are many cheaper weighted clothing which can last for many days and also provide the best type of resistance when required.
  4. Reputation of The Manufacturer: Sometimes the reputation of the manufacturer also plays a major role in helping you to choose the best weighted clothing for your use. A reputed company will always make good quality products. Although their price tags will be on the higher side, these will last for long and also come with a proper warranty. Locally made ones may not last for a long time and may also cause irritation to your skin due to their cheap materials.

Where To Buy The Right Weighted Garment?

  • If you wish to check the quality of the weighted clothing you want to purchase, before paying for it, then visiting a physical store will be a good idea. You can check the products by actually wearing them before you finally buy it. However, you may have to spend some time hopping from one store to another in search of the type of product you want. Many retailers may not be able to provide much discounts on the garments.
  • Are you always busy with your official work? Then you may not be able to find enough time to shop for your favorite weighted clothing from a physical store. The best alternative is to shop online. This is especially beneficial if you know for sure about what you want and you have tested it before. Online shopping will provide you great discounts and you can shop anytime you want. However, you will not be able to check the quality before paying for it.

For first time users, buying weighted clothing can be a confusing task. If you are also going to buy such a garment for the very first time, it is better to try and find out as much as possible about these clothing. You may discuss with your gym instructor about the various weighted garments and their benefits. He will be able to tell you the type you will need for your workouts. Are you planning to use it for yourself at home? Then you may have to depend on the internet to give you adequate amounts of knowledge on the topic. Check the various websites which talk about the different types of weighted clothing and their benefits. Choose a few which you think will solve your purpose. After getting fully satisfied about the type of weighted clothing you need, go ahead and search for the garment and purchase it.

Any type of weighted garment is for your own health. If you get careless and choose a cheap quality product, then it may harm your skin and body. This is why it is always advisable to take your own time and then choose an appropriate piece of weighted clothing. If you purchase it from a physical store, do make sure to ask the retailer about any specific instructions to take good care of the product. Since the weights of the different weighted garments vary to some extent, it is better to opt for lighter ones if you are a first time user. Once you get acclimatized to the weights, you may increase the weights. Choose a garment which allows you to add and remove weights as per your need. This will be quite beneficial for you during your workouts.

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