Can Back Braces Really Improve Posture?

Do Back Braces Really Work?  Whether you’re just standing in line or sitting in front of the computer, lifting weights or walking on the treadmill or elliptical, proper posture is something you should always observe and never neglect. Serious health problems, especially on your back, can arise from poor posture that’s left unchecked and not corrected for a long time. So, unless you’re willing to compromise your health for the seeming comfort of slouching or slumping your back, better start standing and sitting up straight as soon as possible and for as long as necessary.

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Unfortunately, we don’t easily become aware of our posture problems until someone points it out to us or until we feel something terribly wrong with our backs. And while we can make some conscious effort to correct our posture, we’re usually not able to sustain it for a long time. That’s why an increasing number of people who suffer from severe back pains due to bad posture or who just want to stay healthy and improve the way they carry themselves use or consider trying back braces.

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Back braces are like belts designed to support the lower back and waist so that the back can rest and remain in a proper posture almost effortlessly. It keeps the person from slouching or slumping as it firmly holds the back in an upright position.

Many people attest to the benefits of using back braces in improving their posture and reducing back pains. They say that they’re likely to recommend it to those who have the same posture issues and recurring back problems. However, there are also some who doubt its effectiveness in improving posture, and say that using back braces pose more risks than benefits.

One of the risks cited is the atrophy or weakening of muscles that are not put to use for a long time since the back braces are already doing the postural support function that the muscles are supposed to be doing. When the muscles and ligaments weaken, the spine becomes vulnerable to damages and injuries, which can cause more serious health problems.

Obstruction of blood flow is another disadvantage cited by those who don’t recommend long-term use of back braces. Thus, some people advise using back braces only for a short period of time with doctor’s prescription, and only for cases when the back needs to be immobilized due to traumatic injuries and fractures.

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So, if you’re on the fence whether or not back braces can effectively improve your posture and keep your back healthy, you may try using back braces only for a couple of days and see how it is in terms of comfort and postural support. If you’re already experiencing back pains, it’s better to consult a doctor first and not instantly assume that it’s caused by poor posture. Yes, it’s important to maintain proper posture but it’s more important to do it the right way or you’ll risk having far worse problems than the ones you are trying to avoid.

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Can Back Braces Help Improve Your Posture
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