bodyguard rowerBodyGuard W45 Rower Review

If you want your physique to look like a Norse Viking then you’ve to row like one. Nowadays, dumbbell exercises have been relegated to a lower spot in the list of bodybuilding exercises. It has been found that rowing machines can help you improve stamina, enhance cardiovascular function, and tone muscles.

If you’re planning to take up rowing to improve your health then consider buying the BodyGuard W45 Rower. It’s award-winning fitness equipment with many useful features and functions. In this article, we’ll share with you the best qualities and features of the BodyGuard W45 Rower.

bodyguard w45 rower reviews

The Many Reasons to Use the BodyGuard W45 Rowerbodyguard w45 rowing machine reviews

The rowing machine is the ideal fitness equipment for both young and old. Working on a rowing machine puts very little stress and strain on the joints and the back. This is a good reason for elderly fitness enthusiasts to start using the rowing machine.

The BodyGuard W45 Rower machine alleviates pain and tones muscles. Some machines only help you to treat pain, while there are machines that are only for the healthy body people who want to build muscles. The BodyGuard W45 Rower can be used for both. Consult a doctor, physiotherapist, or fitness expert to know the best rowing machine workouts for pain and muscle building.

The BodyGuard W45 Rower is full body workout fitness equipment. The machine is designed to exercise the core, the upper body, and the lower body. Using this rowing machine you can work almost every muscle in the body.

As mentioned above, exercising on the BodyGuard W45 Rowing Machine does not put strain the joints and back muscles. Using the BodyGuard W45 Rower is the safest way to exercise without injuring yourself.

Things You Should Know about the BodyGuard W45 Rowing Machine

Under 6 categories the BodyGuard Rower provides 25 different programs, each program offers different training that takes care of a specific issue of the body. The 6 categories of the rowing machine are Custom User, HRC, Watt, Profile, Race, and Manual.

The nylon cord is strong, specially reinforced to withstand severe stress caused as the result of the pulling motion. The pedal straps might not be comfortable to some, but good enough to perform its primary function. It’s safe and strong enough to take the heavy workload.

The makers have used the sound suppressing technology to cut down on noise.

The BodyGuard W45 Rowing Machine is for both light and heavy users. To accommodate users of all categories, the makers have used dual air and magnetic resistance. The multiple resistance levels allow everyone to use the rowing machine.

bodyguard w45 rower reviewWhy Buy the BodyGuard W45 Rower

The BodyGuard W45 Rower is commercial grade workout equipment.

It does not occupy too much space. The machine is easy to fold, move, and store.

The rowing machine has several levels and a wide range of exercises and training programs can be done using the equipment.

The BodyGuard W45 Rower is durable and solidly built to last for a long time. It’s easy to use, comfortable, and stylish.

bodguard w45 rowing machine review

The makers of the equipment provide warranty for the machine and all its components. They offer a lifetime warranty on the frame, 3 years for the parts, and 1 year for labor. To know more about the product’s warranty schemes, visit the brand’s official website.




Occupies less space; Easy to fold, move, and store


Relieves pain, improves blood circulation, and tones muscles

Pedal straps not comfortable

Several useful features; Supports weight of up to 350lbs

Award winning fitness equipment

Perfect for full body workout; Suitable for people of all age groups

Warranty for frame, parts, and labor


BodyGuard W45 Rower Review
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