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A variety of exercise machines have come up in the market which help you to get back in shape and also improve your overall health. One of these include the Cybex Arc Trainer. Most of you do not know much about such machines. A Cybex Arc Trainer is basically a low-impact stationery workout machine, which have footplates and movable handlebars. These footplates move in a definite pattern and the handlebars move in the opposite direction to these plates. If you talk about the Cybex arc trainer, you will find several varieties under this category. Choosing the right one as per your requirement and budget is important.

cybex arc trainer

Health Benefits of Using a Cybex Arc Trainer

The arc trainer is designed in such a way that it helps you to burn more calories without wasting much time. These machines are usually found in various fitness clubs and large hotels. However, if you have a large house with a separate room dedicated to your workout routine, then you can also choose one for your personal use. It is good to note that an arc trainer takes up a lot of space, since these are quite big in size. There are several health benefits of using such a machine on a regular basis.

  1. Burns Calories Faster: It has been seen in several tests that the Cybex arc trainer successfully burns more calories as compared to several elliptical trainers within the same time frame. This makes the machine a huge success amongst users, who wish to lose unwanted body fat within very less time.
  2. Low-Impact Workout: Thanks to the arc design of the machine, you can experience a full range of motions of your hip and knees without putting a lot of stress on these joints. In other words, you can easily enhance your heart rate without impacting your joints. This is especially good for people with hip and knee problems.
  3. Involve More Muscle Groups: If you exercise on an arc trainer, you will notice that your arms get stretched at their full length and you get to work out using various resistance levels. This helps more muscle groups in your body to workout.

Different Types of Cybex Arc Trainers

There are several models under the category of arc trainers from Cybex. Some of the popular ones have been discussed below.

  • 770AT Total Body Arc Trainer
    cybex arc trainer for sale
    Designed for professionals and highly demanding fitness freaks, the 770AT Total Body Arc Trainer is basically a commercial workout machine. The features of the machine makes it one of the best amongst users.

    1. The machine comes with a 4.3” touch screen display which provides various important information about your workout routine such as calories burnt, distance covered, average strides per minute, heart rate, and total calories burnt.
    2. It comes with several preset programs especially designed for different types of exercises such as weight loss programs, strength training programs, body shaping programs, heart rate control programs, and quick start.
    3. The 770AT Total Body Arc Trainer also has its own magazine rack, dual speed fan to help you stay cool, and a water bottle holder.
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  • 770A Lower Body Arc Trainer
    arc trainers cybex
    Another model for commercial use is the 770A Lower Body Arc Trainer. As the name suggests, this machine is especially designed to target the lower body of a user. It is also packed with several features.

    1. It has a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds or 181 kg.
    2. During an emergency, you can apply the Brushless Eddy current brake, which is present in this machine.
    3. Apart from displaying workout related information on the 4.3” touchscreen LED display of the 770A Lower Body Arc Trainer, you can also play songs and video on it. This will also help you work out and not feel bored at the same time.
    4. It has a special heart rate multi colored light indicator to display various heart rate zones. If you go at top speeds, your heart rate will naturally get faster and the red color will light up. When your heart rate stays within the normal range the green light will light up.
    5. It also comes with several preset programs, such as quick start, cardio, strength training, constant power, body shaping, and heart rate control.
      cybex arc trainer review
  • 525AT Total Body Arc Trainer
    cybex total body arc trainer
    This is one of those arc trainers which can be used at homes. Although this is not smaller than other models, the features of the machine are aptly suited for family uses, hotel uses, and small scale fitness clubs.

    1. This machine comes with several incline levels up to a maximum of 21.
    2. It also has the Brushless Eddy current brake which you may use to stop your workout during any emergency.
    3. It has an 8×5 LED display which provides several information such as the resistance level chosen, inclination chosen, heart rate, calories burnt, time taken, and strides per minute.
    4. Preset workout programs available in this machine include weight loss, strength, cardio, and quick start.
    5. You may monitor your heart rate with the help of contact grips or even through wireless.
    6. For your convenience you will find a magazine rack and a water bottle holder with this machine.arc trainer cybex

As discussed above, there are several types of Cybex arc trainer available in the market. Their features may vary to some extent and their primary aim may also be different. This is why it is very important to choose the right model with tons of time in hand. If you make one hasty decision, you may end up purchasing the wrong model for your personal use or for your fitness club. It is advisable to do extensive research on the different models and then choose the right one. Their prices also vary, thus sticking to your personal budget is crucial. You may also seek some useful advice from your personal trainer at the gym. He can guide you in purchasing the right model without wasting much of your precious time. Use your Cybex arc trainer regularly and you will notice a great improvement in your body and health.

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