EFITMENT Flywheel Elliptical Machine

Are you in need of a well-designed training partner that takes efficiency to new levels by saving on time and space? Then you may have just found what you are looking for in the new Flywheel Elliptical Machine. You are now finally able to work on your upper and lower body simultaneously without worry of damaging your joints and ankles.

This excellent cross-trainer from EFITMENT features a chrome wheel that weighs just 15lbs, providing a silent and smooth ride when you get on top to pedal. The Chrome allows for a consistent and efficient rotation. It has a flywheel that is front drive enabling you to easily switch it on and off.

To ensure minimal slippage during your workout sessions, the chain has grooves that double to provide more energy exchange from the pedals to the fly wheel. The EFITMENT Flywheel Elliptical machine creates a stair case simulation helping you develop your lower body and quad muscles at the convenience of your home.

With this machine, you can be certain of a full body workout as well thanks to its handle bars that alternate to help exercise your hamstrings, glutes and calves. Your arms and back are catered for all while you work on your lower body.

Whether you are beginning or advanced in your fitness regime, the EFITMENT Flywheel elliptical machine has you covered with a resistance knob that allows you to vary the amount of tension on the pedals. It has a maximum weight capacity of 240lbs making it ideal for most trainees and you don’t have to worry about falling and injuring yourself thanks to the end caps on either side.

This training machine is great when you need to utilise small spaces with its compact yet efficient design. You can place it facing a wall in a space where you don’t want too much cramped-up equipment. Weighing just 59lbs, you can easily move it to other places you deem more suitable.

The EFITMENT Flywheel Elliptical Machine helps you keep track of your training with its conveniently placed LCD screen display. You can keep count of your distance, time, speed and calories burnt.


  • Great for space saving
  • Excellent Value for money
  • Silent operation


  • Price may be a bit on the higher end for some people

Buying tip

Features is one of the most important points and one that cannot be overlooked. You need to make sure that the exercise bike comes with all the basic features. Some include a hear rate sensors and a display that shows stats such as speed, distance, time and calorie burn.

Foot pedals need to provide great traction and should have straps that hold your feet in place and prevent them from slipping. The seat should be well padded for maximum comfort since you are going to spend a considerable amount of time on it. To accommodate your height, it should also be adjustable.

With this information in mind, you can be sure that the exercise bike you choose to buy will provide you with a great and prosperous service life.

EFITMENT Flywheel Elliptical Machine
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