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Gazelle Exercise Machine – A Handy Machine to Get Back In Shape

Finding obese people around you is a common sight in this fast paced world. Men, women, and even children fight with obesity in almost every corner of the globe. Although obesity means excess body fat, it is also one of the prime reasons for various health issues. Whether you speak about diabetes or heart problems or joint aches, obesity is the only cause of such physical ailments in humans. The faster you act to overcome obesity, the better it will be for your health. However, there are many people, who prefer to ignore the need to get back in shape and lose all the unwanted body fat. You may either workout regularly to get rid of excess body fat or follow a strict and balanced diet or a combination of both. If you wish to exercise in order to get back in shape, there are several workout machines which can help you. However, one of the highly popular and very effective is the Gazelle exercise machine.

A Bit about the Machine

The Gazelle exercise machine is better known as the Gazelle Edge Glider. If you wish to own your personal exercise machine, without spending a fortune on the price, then this machine should be the best option for you. It provides low impact resistance and cardiovascular exercises. Gazelle Edge helps to work out both lower and upper bodies. In the process, it burns a high amount of calories in your body. Due to this fact, you can easily lose body weight if you use it on a daily basis.

Most of you must be wondering about the amount of calories the machine will burn in your body. Well, this number is dependent on a number of factors. These factors may include your current body weight, the speed at which you glide on the machine, the force you apply while using the machine, and your overall fitness level. However, on an average, if you weigh 120lbs and workout at a good speed, then you can successfully burn around 520 calories on an hourly rate. The heavier your body weight is the more calories you burn. However, the speed should be constant for every hour.

How Long To Exercise on the Gazelle Exercise Machine?

Many of you must be too busy with your office jobs to find enough time every day to work out on the Gazelle Edge Glider. However, there is nothing to worry about. If you are a first timer, then a 20 minutes session done 3 times a week should give you visible results. You will notice that you feel lighter, your energy level will improve, and your overall body muscle will get toned. With time, you should spend more time on the machine to get better results. The Gazelle exercise machine has a very low impact on your body. This means that longer durations of workouts will hardly put you at risk. In other words, even if you extend the sessions to 30 minutes and exercise 4 or 5 days a week, it will not harm your health and will give you better results.

Types of Exercises You May Do On the Gazelle Edge

As discussed above, the Gazelle exercise machine is mainly used as a home cardio exercise machine. It is an excellent equipment to workout both the upper and lower parts of your body. This will not just decrease your body weight, it will also improve your overall muscle tone. There are several ways you can exercise on the Gazelle machine. However, all of them are more or less varieties of the basic glide workout.

  1. Basic Glide: If you are going to use a Gazelle Edge for the first time in life, then you should always start with the basic glide exercise. All you need to do is hold the front bar close to the fitness computer and step on the platforms of the machine. Stand up tall and start gliding your feet in a forward and backward position alternatively. Make sure that you bend your knees a bit while gliding. This will unlock the knees and help you avoid knee problems. Your arms should move in the opposite direction to your legs. Try and glide continuously for around 20 minutes or so.
  2. Wide Glide: Although the wide glide is quite similar to the basic glide, the difficulty level of the movement is higher and it also involves exercising your calf muscles. Wide glide also involves a wider range of movements. Start off with the basic glide on the machine. Gradually, while pushing your legs backwards, raise your heels. Do make sure to increase the overall length of the glides. As your legs come in the forward direction, push your feet flat on the platform. Your upper body and arm movements will remain just like it was while doing the basic glide. However, if you do not wish to keep your hand idle on the bars, you may move it up and down the bars while your legs glide in the forward and backward directions. Always start with the basic glide and continue for around 5 minutes. Once your body warms up, you may switch to the wide glide for around 20 minutes. At the end, switch over to the basic glide in order to cool down.
  3. High Glide: The high glide is just like the wide glide. The only difference is the position of your heels. In the high glide, your heels remain lifted throughout the exercise session. However, you may switch from wide glide to high glide and vice versa to avoid overworking your calf muscles. High glide is mainly targeted towards the calf muscles.

It would be a good idea to alter your glide pace and also the intensity. This should give you better results and also avoid any muscle fatigue while exercising.

Benefits of Using the Gazelle Exercise Machine

Using the Gazelle Edge regularly has its own benefits. Unless you use one, you will not be able to understand these benefits. Here are some of the benefits discussed for your knowledge.

  • Builds Your Muscles: A combination of both machine resistance and your body weight help to build your body muscles. Depending upon the way you position your body while working out on the Gazelle Edge, you can target different groups of muscles in your body. If you lift the heels of your feet, you can work out your calf muscles. If you crouch low during your exercise session you can work out your quadriceps. You can work out your chest muscles and biceps by leaning forward. In this position you actually use your hand to make the machine glide.
  • Helps Improve Your Heart: If you wish to improve the condition of your heart, then using the Gazelle Edge will be a good idea. Working out on this machine actually pushes your heart rate. Due to the low resistance of the machine, your muscles do not feel tired and you may carry on for longer durations. You will be surprised to know that this machine burns equal amount of calories just like an elliptical machine.
  • Improve Flexibility: When you use the Gazelle Edge, you actually stretch your arms and legs in the gliding movement. This helps to improve the flexibility of your muscles. The more you stretch your arms and the longer strides you take, the better will be the chances of improving the flexibility of your muscles.

Factors to Think About While Choosing the Gazelle Edge

There are many people, who read about different types of exercising machines and decide to buy one out of sheer passion and will power to get back in shape. Unfortunately, most of the times, these will powers and passions are short lived. As a result of this, many households have exercising machines which lie in one corner of the house, unused and filled with dust. There are several factors to think about before you buy a new exercising machine, such as the Gazelle Edge.

  1. Usage: Most of you probably buy a new workout machine, thinking that you will use it every day. However, very few of you can actually use it on a daily basis. It may be your family life or your office life, which probably prevent you from exercising every day. This is why it is always better to think with a cool head about the usage of the machine you are planning to buy. Will you find enough time to work out on the Gazelle Edge on a regular basis? How many of your family members will use it? Will you use it for a few days and then leave it unused for ages? These are some of the factors to think about before you actually buy a Gazelle exercise machine.
  2. Space to Keep: Just like any other exercise machine, even a Gazelle Edge requires some space to keep when not in use. Exactly, where do you plan to keep it and will others in your family object to the location is another factor to consider before you buy the machine.
  3. Budget: Purchasing any exercise machine requires money. When you decide to buy the Gazelle exercise machine, it is better to plan out a budget for the equipment. If you are a first timer, then you may not know much about the prices. You may search online or ask your gym trainer. This way you will find out about the prices and plan accordingly.

Maintaining the Machine

If you use the Gazelle Edge for a long time without taking good care of the machine, then it may cease to perform smoothly. There are several ways to maintain your exercise machine.

  1. Wipe It After Every Use: Exercising on a machine would result in perspiration. This perspiration may drip on to different sections of the Gazelle Edge. If not wiped after every use, these drops may corrode the metal and render various movable parts as immobile. This is why it is very important to wipe the machine with a clean and dry piece of cloth every time you use it.
  2. Lubricate The Different Movable Sections: When different movable sections of a machine move, it creates friction. This friction gives rise to heat. After regular usage, this heat may dry away the lubricants which help the movable parts to move smoothly. The best way to avoid such things is to use a good quality lubricant and lubricate the different movable parts of the Gazelle Edge. Even if you do so once or twice a month it will give you good results.
  3. Contact A Professional Technician: If you notice something seriously wrong with your exercise machine, the best solution is to contact an experienced technician. He will be the best person to deal with the problem and fix it in no time. If you try your hands at fixing any minor or major issue, then it may get serious.

When it comes to buying a Gazelle exercise machine, you may either shop online or buy from a good physical store in your city. Those of you who are too busy with your work life, will prefer to shop online. Although online shopping will help you get better deals and also get the product shipped at your doorstep, you will not be able to check the quality on the internet. This is where the physical stores score above online shopping websites. In order to get visible results on your Gazelle Edge, you need time. No exercise machine can give you visible results overnight. If you think that working for longer hours the very first day will help you look slip and fit, then you are highly mistaken. This will not just make you fall ill, it may also result in other health issues. This is why always hold your horses when you use the Gazelle Edge. Use it properly and sincerely for over a month and you will notice the wonderful results you had craved for all these days.

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