Omron Fat Loss Monitor Review (HBF 306c)

If you need a device that is handy in keeping track of your health, then you’ve got it right with the Omron Handheld Body Fat Analyzer. Body Fat measuring devices are important for athletes, fitness enthusiasts and anyone who want to get the best out of their fitness goals. The Omron Body Fat Analyzer is easy to use. Just with some simple calculations and few data input, you can get every details about your health within few seconds.

Omron Body Fat Monitor

How it works

The portable and sleek design analyzer works with sensors fixed at the electrode handles. It doesn’t require much technicality to operate it. But just before you start to analyze your body fat, you will be prompted to enter some few details about yourself. They include: Omron Body Fat Analyzerweight, height, age, gender, and you will be required to state if you are an athlete or a normal fitness enthusiast. Athlete status will have to be determined by calculations. Its quiet simple, you will get the formula on the manual that comes with the body fat analyzer. If the value is 60 and above, then you will need to choose the athlete mode. The calculation is known as “FIT”.

After inputting all data, you are good to begin. Hold the device by both hand at the electrode with some pressure at 90 degrees to your arms. Stand with your legs slightly wide apart and press the start button. The Omron Handheld Body Fat Analyzer will give you your results just within 7 seconds.

The Omron Body Fat Analyzer has low power consumption. It runs on two AAA batteries inserted behind the device which can last up to a year, this makes the device easy to maintain. The device can record and store information of nine people. So it is suitable for multiple persons. These features may seem less important but they are actually what makes this device stand out.

Using clinically proven Bioelectrical Impendence, it sends electrical signals through the body to calculate your body composition and mass. It produces result based on four ranges- low, normal, high and very high. Your body mass index and fat percentage is displayed alongside on the visible screen. This device also indicates your Basal Metabolic Rate and your body type in a pictorial representation. All these helps you in understanding your body accurately which is necessary for achieving your fitness goal easily.

The manufacturers have really put in dedication to the design of this device. Its accuracy is achieved through the use of underwater weighing method (hydroensitometry) to evaluate body composition. A body fat analyzer is a required device for your fitness journey as it provides more details about the changes in your body composition and mass that ordinarily a weighing scale will ignore.

What more can you ask from such an equipment. You are covered with their one year warranty should in case you notice any malfunction or factory defects. If you really want to get serious with your fitness journey, it is a device worth buying. With little investment, you can own one.

Omron Body Fat

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Omron Body Fat Analyzer
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