Nerium EHT Review

Nerium EHT is a popular nootropic supplement. Nootripics have been studied in the past 2-3 decades to see if the brain can benefit from certain formulations. The good news is that most of the ingredients listed in the Nerium EHT are based on scientific evidence practice.

The supplement aims to strengthen connections between neurons. These connections can weaken, especially with age. This is where the Nerium EHT comes in. So what does the nootropic contain?

Nerium develops and distributes the supplement in the United States. Previously, the company has developed some cosmetic products such as skin creams.

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So how does the supplement work? It combines the most researched and the proven ingredients which enhance brain function. The ingredients include Alpha lipoic acid, Huperzine-A, Magnesium, Vitamin B6 and B12. Most importantly, the supplement contains EHT. This proprietary blend is based on coffee extracts which are bioactive molecules. The molecules have the role of strengthening the connections between neurons to promote brain health.


  • Combination of proved ingredients
  • EHT proprietary blend


  • Mixed reviews on Alpha lipoic acid

Starting with the company history it seems things are starting to pick up for Nerium. Involved in some multi-level marketing techniques in the past, the company has seen some challenges from the members of the public. Since then the company underwent a series of legal problems and seem to switch its focus on the nootropic products.

The ingredients like Vitamin B have been proven to have a positive effect and have been recommended by specialists in some situations. Nerium EHT comes with both Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6. There is also a large amount of Vitamin D in the supplement. Although the vitamin plays a crucial role in the human body, there is evidence that a large concentration over a long period of time can be detrimental. If you`re not sure about your Vitamin D intake effects over the long term you should discuss the issues with your doctor.

Another ingredient used in the supplement is selenium. The ingredient occurs naturally in water or some foods. As a mineral, it has good antioxidant properties which saw it used in a variety of products.

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The big question remains with the EHT blend. While there are some claims these extracts can slow down the degeneration of the links between neurons, it is not clear what type of dosage is correct for the average adult. It also remains to be seen what the natural links between neurons should look like at specific ages.

The Nerium EHT has the potential of becoming even bigger than it already is. It seems that at the moment, the supplement is trying to redeem some of the company`s past glory which was lost due to the multi-level marketing scheme problems. Although most of the ingredients in the supplement are well known for their properties, you can discuss the reaction of the EHT blend with your doctor. Since the reactions might be bigger than you think, it is worth to further investigate if the product is a good fit for you, at your age.

Nerium EHT Review
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