Glucocil Glucose Stabilizer Review

Glucocil aims at stabilizing blood sugar. The stabilizer is made by Neulien Health in the USA and makes a few claims. Among these claims lays the ability to reduce glucose absorption and improving insulin sensitivity. Of course, this would mean the stabilizer could also be potentially responsible for a weight loss results as a consequence.

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There are many studies which show the direct correlation between the consumption of refined sugars and the increase in glucose levels. Glucocil claims it can turn this process into your advantage by reducing the glucose absorption in the intestines while also lowering the production of the liver which would lead to an improvement in insulin sensitivity.

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One of the explanations of the manufacturer is related to improper functions of the body which may come with age. It thus seems that some hormones and enzymes in the body can tell the liver when to produce glucose. But this process might be affected by aging which essentially has the liver producing too much glucose. Of course, the levels vary from person to person. But Glucocil claims the results can be up to 300% more glucose than actually needed by the body.

Top Ingredients in Glucocil

The ingredients used by the manufacturer include:

  • Proprietary Mulberry Leaf Extract

This classic Chinese solution finds the leaves used for multiple purposes. It seems that its main role in the product is to improve the digestive system. The blend of this product is claimed to be the single variation which can offer real results. Glucocil claims this ingredient has the potential of also lowering the absorption of blood sugar with up to 21%.

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid

The acid is among the ingredients which the manufacturer claims to improve insulin sensitivity. This is done by improving the transfer of insulin from the blood to the cells.

  • Banaba Leaf Extract

Banaba leaves have been used in alternative medicine to keep the blood sugar under control. It can also regulate insulin sensitivity. One 2012 study found that the extract can indeed help with blood sugar and insulin sensitivity. The mentioned study found that two acids (corosolic acid and corosolic acid) found in the leaf can be beneficial for elevated blood sugar levels and even obesity. Interestingly, the study also claims that the extract can work well either by itself or with other added ingredients. However, there still is a lot to learn about the timing and quantities of the extract. There might also be indications that the extract works best with apatite-reducing ingredients.

  • Berberine

Berberine has been studied and showed to have an influence in controlling the healthy cholesterol and LDL cholesterol in the body. Together with these, berberine has been shown to improve triglyceride levels.

  • Chromium Picolinate

Chromium is found in some nuts and fish. Glucocil claims the North American diet is very low in the nutrient and this is why it has included it in the product. Its aim is to improve insulin sensitivity.

  • Cinnamon Bark Powder

Cinnamon has been studied through the past few years. Actually more and more specialists are beginning to recommend it for certain conditions. Maybe this is why Glucocil has included it in its product. Apart from the popular antioxidant effects, cinnamon can also mimic insulin activity, at least according to the manufacturer.

  • Fish Oil

Fish oil has been used as a supplement for years. Its main role should be around the circulatory system as it can help improve blood flow. However, supplementing with endless amounts of fish oil is not always beneficial. New evidence on what the upper limit should be, of course, variable to each person.

  • Gymnema Sylvestre Extract

Better known in the alternative medicine, the ingredient is claimed to be responsible for normalizing blood sugar levels. The manufacturer finds the ingredient to be able to regenerate insulin cells in the pancreas.

  • Insulina (Cissus sicyoides) Leaf Extract

The extract has been shown to normalize blood sugar levels especially after meals. But the manufacturer claims the ingredient can be also responsible with improving insulin sensitivity.

  • Veld Grape (Cissus quadrangularis) Stem Extract

The vine is original from Asia and has been used for its anti-oxidative properties. However, the manufacturer claims it can also improve weight loss functions.

Apart from these ingredients, the product also comes with B Vitamins and Vitamin D. These vitamins have a proven track record and seem to be in most supplements today.

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Should You Try Glucocil?

This is the real question for most people with high sugar levels. It seems that Glucocil was warned by the FDA back in 2013 for some claims on their website which has the product under the “drug” category. Since then, the company has marketed the product as a dietary supplement.

There are some claims which are hard to establish. One of these claims seems to be around the weight loss issue, with many reviews and feedback finding it has no real results. It must be said that if you aim to lose weight there are better options on the market.

Another issue is around the ingredients listed above which can suppress the feeling of hunger. Even if these ingredients were to work, there still is no added advice on how a healthy diet should look like, especially for a person with high sugar levels of with insulin problems.

The final results depend on each person. As any supplement, the product should not replace actual meals and healthy food choices. In some instances, losing weight can be achieved through a combination of healthy foods and increased physical activity. Controlling the sugar in the blood is easier this way. It is much harder to suppress the absorption of sugar once it has made it into your body. The supplement could work, especially for elderly people which may have a slower metabolism.

It seems that Neulin is trying to redeem the product after the FDA scandal. If you’re unsure about the supplement you can always discuss the issue with your doctor. Glucocil may be an option in the situation where a balanced approach to nutrition and health is not providing the long-term results you want, but only by tracking the results with a specialist.  We hope you enjoyed our Glucocil Reviews.

Glucocil Glucose Stabilizer Review
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